Outside and inside view of The Greenhouse

[COPIED]The Greenhouse, or Onshitsu is a medical compound that holds the Infirmary and Medical Gardens. Here all are treated and medical staff trained with an emphasis on triage and poisons. The Infirmary is a unit of precision, orderliness, and ascetic conditions. All within its confines are highly skilled medical nin, as well as the medical students who perform their minor duties under the supervision of their trainers. The greenhouse is on the hospital grounds where herbs are cultivated and research is conducted. This glass Quonset hut, being large enough to house a wide variety of plant life and fungi, is the pride of Suna's herbology medical corps. Not only are natural curatives incorporated into the standard medical jutsus, but also research into rare poisons and their antitoxins are conducted within. Medical students tend these pampered gardens and train in their preparation and usage.

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