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  • Tessuhai Tsuyo
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When Uchiha Shun was a young man, aspiring to be a successful shinobi, he sought to create a signature ability in order to keep up with the powerhouse shinobi around him. At the time, his Sharingan hadn't manifested, and nothing separated him from the run-of-the-mill shinobi. Having once aspired to go above the rank Chuunin, he took to his teachings, remembering the key words of his mentor at the time: "Chakra control is key".

Taking this literally, he would train and study, being able to manifest his chakra in a physical form, void of element nor form, but with infinite potential to be manipulated so long as his body could keep up. He would name it the Shirogane Reiki, or The Silver Aura.

Soon he would die without passing the technique on to any others, allowing his legacy to die in the lines of history. Years would pass and the ability would once more be picked up by the shinobi, Yakekogi Manji.


This jutsu's pre-requisite is that one has a grasp on chakra control. Upon learning the mechanics of the technique, it doesn't take much at all to manifest the one's own aura, and is as easy to apply as a layer of killing intent. The tricky part is controlling it, and while moving the aura around takes general chakra control, the technique's versatility comes from how precise the user is when using the jutsu. Of course the more chakra one has, the more aura can be generated, as it is simply raw chakra.

The common ability shown with this technique is solidifying the chakra outside of the body into different shapes and forms. It isn't uncommon to shape chakra into a blade, or some tool, or even armor. The strength of such depends solely on the creativity of the user.

Once manifested, one has full control over the shape, size (according to their chakra level), density, malleability, and so on...It can range from an easy-to-use utility jutsu to a jutsu that requires medic-nin levels of chakra control depending on how much of an aura one wishes to wield. Masterful users can use Auras that rival the feats of those with magnet release, while novice users would probably be best sticking to a tool or two at a time.


Every jutsu has a weakness. This particular jutsu's weakness is how much chakra it can consume. If one overextends how much chakra they put into the aura, then their control may be compromised, in which case the aura will dissipate, leading to wasted chakra.

Akin to this case, if one's chakra is separated from them for any reason save for some follow-up techniques, that chakra is wasted just the same.


This technique, while named "The Silver Aura" is colored akin to that of the user's chakra.