[COPIED]The Town Square resides off the center of Sunagakure and is a large round courtyard into which the streets spill rather like the spokes of a wheel. It is encompassed by stone wall upon which carvings of the villager's heroic pasts, legends of their gods, and lore of the land is depicted. Inside large niches, about the courtyard side of the wall, reside large statues hewn of stone. The statues depict noted warriors and Kazekages of the past. One in particular is of a warrior mounted upon the body of a fire lizard in which three kunai are embedded into the chest of the warrior up to their hilts. A well marks the centerpiece of the courtyard with steps of stone encircling it. Within the courtyard festivals are held on various holidays. Otherwise it is peoples with children at play, old and young couples walking about and neighbors visiting.

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