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Triple-Bladed Scythe

Triple-Bladed Scythe





Sanjin no Ōgama

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Triple-Bladed Scythe


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  • Saiteki Miyuu
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Bocchiere used to wield the trademark triple bladed scythe of a Jashinist.

After his disappearance, it was claimed by the Shodaime Tsuchikage to hang in her office.

It has a cable which allows the user to throw and retract the weapon. They can also block projectiles such as shuriken with the cable. It is a high tensile steel that is chakra sensitive and can be detached at the base. Due to the chakra sensitive nature of the steel, the user can manipulate it with chakra alone, allowing it to perform movements that would otherwise be impossible. The blades are reversible allowing the user to stab forward with the blades, and spin them around. They can also make the scythe issue an electric shock from the blades, this can only be used occasionally as the batteries need to recharge after being used.

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