Two-Tails Chakra Mode

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Nibi Chakura Mōdo

Literal English

Two-Tails Chakra Mode


Matatabi Chakra Mode


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Anime, Manga and Game



Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow




Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary


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The Two-Tails Chakra Mode (尾チャクラモード, Nibi Chakura Mōdo) is heighten transformation unique to the jinchūriki that have mastered the chakra of the Matatabi.


By using the Two-Tails' chakras the user forms it into a human-like shape around themselves. When entering into this form, the sudden increase in chakras is so hot and condensed around that user, that it can instantly vaporized most water-based ninjutsu and nullify the effects of fire-based ninjutsu to a certain extent.

In addition to forming a dark, azure chakra cloak around their entire body, they also gained a more feline-like appearance, due to the presence of claws on their hands and the feline-like ears atop of their head. With the power granted by this form, the jinchūriki not only manifests both of the beast's tails, but even a simple swipe from their enlarged claws possesses enough strength to knock an opponent off their feet.

One can also manifest feline-like chakra appendages to hold and crush objects, and also use them as a medium for new techniques.


The advantages afforded to those whom gain this form include:

  • The ability to sense negative emotions, such as hatred and killing intent, of any individual around it.
  • The user's speed, reflexes and strength is greatly increased upon entering this from, it is also known that this form can keep up with those using the advantages of natured-based chakra flow techniques.
  • The chakra that surrounds the user also helps to protect them from damage, allowing them to take on most fire and water-based attacks and suffer only minor injuries upon being overpowered with the said techniques.
  • The user his able to make use of the chakra arms as medium to form and create a smaller version of the Tailed Beast Ball.


  • The user is susceptible to those whom use techniques that is associated with advanced-tier kekkei genkais.
  • This transformation is extremely weak against an empowered elemental affinity that normally opposes the natural chakra affinity associated with this form; meaning a sage-enhanced version of the said elemental affinity is surprisingly enough to take on this form, and extinguish this person whom uses this transformation back into their version-one state.
  • Surprisingly, if a user is well-adept enough in Sound Ninjutsu that person can utilize this to their advantage by creating a strong enough wall of super sonic, sound waves and revert a user that is within this transformation back into their version-two state.
  • A user that is well-adept in sealing techniques can disrupt the process and/or transformation into this state, reverting the person whom was marked with the technique back into their original state.


  • Former hosts of the Matatabi are still able to access this technique by retaining a portion or tail's worth of their beasts chakras, the usage of this form is restricted to once a day as opposed to a Jinchūriki's usage of the transformation.
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