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Iburi Ray

Iburi Ray's Summon

Nature Type


A summon contract that was bought by Iburi Ray, from a passing peddler, The Tyrannosaurs refused to acknowledge Ray in any way. To make such an ancient, ruthless killer such as herself bow down to a meat bag would be disgraceful. Irritating him, Ray, to no end he proposed an idea to see if it would satisfy her, the Tyrannosaurs Rex. Ray proposed a fight, should she win she got freedom, should Ray win, she would be his summon. After being taken to her primeval world, the fight would last for two weeks, games of cat and mouse, and intense fighting gave the duo little time to rest from each other, with Ray finally dealing the final blow to secure victory before falling over. He would awaken then around her stomach, she was curled up sleeping soundly next to him, and thus their relationship would begin, eventually becoming his sage summon and closest friend to whom he would name her Sarah.


Her lower body would be a solid grey in color before turning red with streaks running down the sides. Her top body would be covered in spikes that traveled from her snout to the tip of the tail. Her length from snout to tail would be 40 feet and she'd be about 20 feet tall. She'd weigh a total of 5 tons.


She has the ability to use fuuton and katon with ease, using her mouth as the general point at which the jutsus are released. She gained the ability to use Bakuton style thanks to Ray putting a seal on her tongue having Bakuton in kanji. This seal is similar to the one he has on his palms and his own tongue and allows her access to his variant style of Bakuton. She also has the ability to shrink her size or make herself bigger depending on the situation. Her speed isn't the fastest but the power in her body is extremely powerful as a swing from her tail would kill a full grown man by splitting him in half.


She tends to be very hostile to those besides Ray and Nara Jay due to Jay being Ray's brother. She will growl and get in the face of anyone she perceives as a threat. When she is comfortable with another she will use low pitch growl like noises similar to a cat purring. She loves to be in Ray's hoodie when she is in her baby form as she will nap in the hood of the hoodie, or in the front of it.

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