General Guidelines

Below is a small guide about the state of Shinobi Legend's roleplaying. There may be some differing opinions here and there, but this is mainly what I go by and it has allowed me to get along with a large majority of people. (Or maybe that's just my patience and charisma.)

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Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Tōta

Even more advanced Elemental Kekkei Genkai that are composed of three of the five basic chakra natures. Ex. Dust Release.

Chakra Levels

The average shinobi with no outstanding bloodline usually has an average amount of chakra when starting out. Though shinobi that stem from the four great bloodlines, which are the Uchiha Clan, Senju Clan, Hyūga Clan and Ōtsutsuki Clan, are known for having larger than normal chakra pools. This is merely from a starting-point perspective though, as physical and mental training can naturally increase a person's levels of chakra.

In theory, a shinobi who has no notable bloodline can have a greater amount of chakra than another who is from a single (or multiple) notable bloodline(s). But that is taking into consideration that the latter shinobi did not train themselves very much at all.

Pirated Dōjutsu

Having a Dōjutsu from one of the Four Great Bloodlines naturally gives a great advantage over those who have none. That doesn't mean it has to be this way forever, as eyes have become a plug-and-play commodity over the years. (Ex. Pop out one eye and then pop in another.) For the normal shinobi with no bloodline attempting this, they gain considerable power but with certain costs.

First is the cost of chakra. Within the series there have been individuals that ascertained a Dōjutsu from another person who naturally awoke it. Kakashi, Danzo, and Ao come to mind in this situation. The first two acquired Sharingan, while the latter one acquired a Byakugan. The usage of eyes costs a regular shinobi a greater amount of chakra to use, due to not being naturally born with them.

The second is insight. This really only counts towards bearing a single Dōjutsu. The term "Two is better than one." is the short version of this. Bearing only one special eye gives you only partial insight, while having a normal eye in the other eye socket would be comparable to being blind in one eye; the reliance on the greater eye would give someone a blind spot. The Byakugan is a special case in this subject, since one of it's biggest pros is a 360-degree field of view. Some could argue that having only one could make its small blind spot a bit bigger than usual.

(In the process of updating)


It seems like everyone knows exactly what this means. Truth is, it doesn't mean what people think it means. The whole "B-rank, A-rank, S-rank, SS-rank, SSS-rank, etc." is slipping a bit out of hand. This is usually assigned by creators of Bingo Books, either it be an ANBU, an ANBU Captain or someone of higher rank. Generally, it is something for clasifying criminals and Missing-nin, those who have committed crimes against a village and/or those who have fled a village without leave, respectively. So assigning yourself a rank like this means that you're basically calling yourself a criminal. It's best to leave this blank, albeit for a certain few exceptions, which follows into the topic below.


This term gets thrown around so easily, yet it's meaning is forgotten so easily. A Sage is basically someone who can use Senjutsu. If you can't use Senjutsu, well you're just not a Sage. Owning a contract to a certain type of summon doesn't make you one either.

Void List

These are a set of certain things that not only I, but a large part of the role-playing community on SL, will void and not acknowledge. This can range from the ignoring of certain actions in posts, to the point of simply voiding or not affirming the existence of one's character. The latter would be due to extreme cases and circumstances.

  • Swift Release - A chakra nature that debuted in the third Naruto Shippūden movie. It basically gives users the ability to simply avoid anything and everything. So it's generally voided by just about everyone.
  • Combining resets between two separate accounts for one character. (Ex. Borrower (5 resets) + Lender (5 resets) = Borrower (10 resets)
  • Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan attained by simply getting 4 Uchiha resets alone. It MUST be obtained by taking another player-character's eyes who have reached the stage of Mangekyō Sharingan.
  • DNA transplants that grant abilities foreign to one's character without the use/substitution of resets to use and master them. This opens up doors to the possibility of someone attaining and mastering every single known chakra nature and certain clan Kekkei Genkai with little to no effort at all. Even Obito needed time to grow accustomed to and control his Senju cells.
  • Kotoamatsukami - This is character-control personified into a single technique, which is very looked down upon in RP as a whole.
  • Sage Mode + Rinnegan/Tenseigan - It's been deemed that this is too much to being Sage of Six Paths status. You either have one or the other. This also counts for any sort of Sage Mode-like variant that relies on Natural Energy to mold Senjutsu Chakra or any kind of other special chakra to power you up, other than chakra of the Tailed Beasts.
  • Sage Mode + Sage Transformation - This is mainly because the two have been deemed to be two separate things with different pros and cons, though both induce the same advanced state. The main pro to Sage Mode is how minimal it is on your body, while the con is needing to stay still to absorb enough Natural Energy to go into it. Meanwhile, Sage Transformation (normally shortened and referred to as Senninka) has the pro of passively absorbing Natural Energy, thereby granting the user the ability to move while doing so, and the ability to form your body parts into certain forms. The con though, is instability and madness if not perfected. By combining both, the cons of them are completely eliminated and destroys the balance they share in having to choose between the two. This also includes getting a DNA transplant to have Senninka's passive absorption ability. Having a Cursed Seal also won't help, since it merely supplies you with someone else's Senjutsu Chakra, in exchange for feeding it your own. And it works closer to Senninka than Sage Mode, though a bit weaker in it's strength.
  • Ignored claims - Generally ignoring and not honoring The Claimed List. Some people here have been here longer, or much much longer, than yourself. Please understand that because of this, they may have some history as to creating and/or learning certain techniques that appear in the series, in the SL-verse. Example: TommiUematsu (Tomi for short) is known as being the creator and first user of the Flying Thunder God Technique (Hiraishin for short) on SL. Everyone else who knows of it has learned it from him, or have learned it from his students. To simply claim to know the technique yourself without having any history or RP-interaction with others who know this, means to dishonor not only Tomi and the other learners, but also SL's history as well. Therefore, why should people honor or even acknowledge yourself?
  • Time Manipulation - I don't think this needs explaining at all. And for clarification purposes, SpaceTime NInjutsu isn't a form, nor does it entail this.
  • Kekkei Mōra - This covers a lot of Kaguya's crazy abilities, which also include the Rinne Sharingan.

Please note that I put this list here to better help and educate others into the general rules which a large part of the RPing/Zoning community follows. Ignoring such guidelines and going with your own thing will most-likely have you ignored by most when it comes to the grander scheme of things in RP. Nobody wants to be confined to their own RP world that consists of only themselves in a cardboard box, while yelling how great they are. If you want to grow stronger, then go earn your strength. If you want to grow smarter, then work for that knowledge.

But the biggest thing to remember, is this: SL is based upon Naruto, but it is a completely separate universe. Therefore, try and stick with being a NINJA as much as possible. And LEARN of the history of the SL-verse a bit. ~special edit made by the wiki-Vandal Kayenta Moenkopi: the above excludes the Fire demons that are her children, Tanarri Nayeli, Dafydd ap Tanarri, Tanarri Reseda, and Orion ap Tanarri. Cause like demons totally exist in oriental lore.

Complaints/Rants List

Just some personal complaints that aren't directed at certain individuals. But instead, these are aimed at many individuals!

  • Claiming to be an S-rank/class criminal, without having done much RPing at all. If you want to see what a real S-rank criminal is like, just look over at Bocchiere. Let's be honest though, if you're claiming to be some rogue ninja from some obscure village, you're D-rank or C-rank at best. And that's being really generous, if you literally have not RPed doing this at all. In fact, you should probably pay me to be on my bingo book! But if really want to be bad, just go do something public-ally bad in a village. Though being ranked a criminal in a village's bingo book, means that you'll actually be acknowledged as a threat. And to even have a spot in someone's bingo book, you would actually have to survive.
  • Village Unaffiliation. So you want to be your own master? That's fine, but you would have to realize that there's no-one to look out for you, other than yourself. And if you're claiming to be out in the ambiguous wilderness, then it can only be fair that anybody can easily or randomly find you if they have the means to. But if you're keeping to yourself in a village, then you also have to understand that you are subject to the rules and laws of that village.
  • Missing-Nin status. You want to claim to be one of these? That's fine too. But always know that if you're recognized, by a player or NPC in the village which you left, then you're likely to be subject to the types of punishment which that village serves. For example, my Missing-Nin policy for Amegakure is pretty relaxed at most times. If you want to leave the village and cut ties with it completely as some random mook, that's fine. But if you're claiming to know certain intel/information or techniques from my village, then you can certainly expect for me to personally hunt you down, take your head, embalm and preserve it, and then display it on a metal stake for all to see on the village's wall of shame.
  • Edgemasters. Basically being one of those guys who wear a dark cloak and try to have some kind of brooding atmosphere, tone or voice, without having anything other than your own word to back it up. This really applies more to dudes, since some seem to do it to try to look cool. Cool isn't something that you can call yourself. It's something that other people are supposed to call you, and a lot of that rides on your character/personality. If you're just this one guy that keeps to yourself in your dark little corner, and hiss or something at the slightest attempt at a conversation with you, then of course nobody is going to think you're cool. You're just going to be that guy who nobody wants to hang-out with. In fact, it's pretty creepy.
  • Single/Looking/Open/Orientation/etc. Seriously?
  • Claiming to be Kage-level. I feel flattered with this one, since everyone wishes to be me-level. But jokes aside, if you're claiming to be Kage-level, then you're claiming to have the skills, experience, knowledge, insight and history as these guys: Kage You serious about it? Then challenge one of them to a friendly fight. I'm always open for one. (See: Kage Uchiha) Just don't complain or be surprised if one of them brings down a mountain upon you or something. But that is, if you even push them to resorting to that. Some will see you as less than an ant. Or some could see you as someone who needs some help learning the ropes. And then some will find you mentally ill. I would probably classify you as all three (I'm kidding, it's more the second view that I lean towards, otherwise, I wouldn't be typing this).
  • Reverse Summoning. In all technicality, you can't reverse summon yourself. Rather, your summon is the one that can do that, since the point of the Summoning Technique is for the shinobi to bring forth a creature. The reverse implies that the creature summons the shinobi. Though let's hope that it is established that your creature can use chakra or natural energy in the first place, and has some intelligence as well.

Kage's Wikia How-to's

This section is dedicated to educating users and editors of the Profile Wikia's lesser-known tagging techniques.

Clan-specific Jutsu

Your clan has some special clan-specific jutsu that makes it renowned right? (Ex. The Uchiha Clan's Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique and Uchiha Style Counter.) Well you'll want those jutsu to link up directly to your clan page! This is a pretty simple guide. All you have to do is add the "Clan" tag to the jutsu page.

Clan::clan name clan|

You'll need to add in two [ and ] at the beginning and end of the above, respectively. After doing so, just publish the edit, and then refresh your clan's page. It should automatically show up as a link in your clan's profile table.

IMPORTANT: After adding in this tag, you MUST edit the jutsu page in the "Edit with form" mode. Attempting to edit in "Rectify" mode will make replace the tag with a "warning.png", essentially removing the tag and removing the jutsu from your clan page. Though you may go ahead and edit in "Rectify" mode, you will have to reinsert the tag every time.

Mangekyō Sharingan Images

If you've gone through the hard work of getting these eyes, then you'll probably be interested and excited to add what your personal Mangekyō Sharingan look like, right? Well that requires a little bit of work. First of all, you'll need to make the eye design first in an image-editing program of your choice (Photoshop, GIMP, etc.). After that, you'll need to save it as a png file. (Don't forget to make the background transparent!)

Next, you'll have to play around with a program called Inkscape. It's an open source/free svg file editor/maker. It requires quite a bit of work to learn how to use, so if you're not interested in doing this yourself you can go ahead and ask me to do it. But if you want to go ahead and do it yourself, just make a blank file with the exact same dimensions as the previous png file you made. Then just import that png file onto the blank, and save it as an svg file. (A cheater's way of making an svg file.)

Note: Though this may be an easier way, the re-sizing done by the Wikia will appear any smaller versions to look heavily pixelated and choppier. SVG stands for Scaleable Vector Graphics, which allows for much easier and smoother resizing. It is heavily recommended to create the image from scratch in Inkscape.

IMPORTANT: You will need to name the file "Mangekyō Sharingan character's first name". Ex: Mangekyō Sharingan Kage.svg is what it should be, and uploaded as.

Next just upload the file and refresh your character's page, and the image should automatically appear!

Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan: Basically the same steps as above, but this time name the file "Mangekyō Sharingan character's first name (Eternal)". Ex: Mangekyō Sharingan Kage (Eternal).svg

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