Mayu "Usotsuki" Yamanaka (嘘つき山中一族 Yamanaka, Usotsuki) is a mercenary, medical ninja, and psychopath. She has a gift in eloquence and manipulation, a disarming charm and wit- all while lacking a moral compass. The Yamanaka is currently a member of the Iwagakure Hospital's nursing staff and is renovating a mine shaft for personal use.

Now, as then, this simple truth: Sweetest Tongue has Sharpest Tooth

— Recited Poetry


Uso Red

Little Devils

Liar (嘘つき, Usotsuki)

  • Mayu (真優)
  • Hellfire (地獄の火 Jigoku no hi)
  • Death God Courtesan (死神太夫 Shinigami Tayuu)
  • Guard Dog (番犬 Banken)

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Charlize Theron



Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure

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Gender Female Female







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Chaotic Neutral

Kekkei Genkai

Shikotsumyaku Symbol Shikotsumyaku



  • Military Officer (Iwagakure/Former)
  • Mercenary
  • Iryō Butai Taicho (Iwagakure)

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    Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure (Current)
  • Akatsuki Symbol Akatsuki (Former/Secretly)
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    Ōmagatoki Symbol Ōmagatoki (Former/Secretly)


Land of Swamps (Village Unknown)


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Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Unable to perform elemental techniques


Casual Theme

  • Seven Devils

    Seven Devils

Battle Theme

  • Halsey - Castle (Audio)

    Halsey - Castle (Audio)





Chakra Suppression Technique

Kawarimi no Jutsu


Shikotsumyaku Symbol


Medical Ninjutsu

Yamanaka Symbol


Usotsuki is the textbook definition of a psychopath and sadist. A wicked mix of eloquence, beauty and intelligence, this vixen has led many to cast aside their morals for her affections. Alas, this vixen has slithered from the grasps of men easily and disappeared without a trace, save for one; however, he has not been seen for some time. Her intentions are nigh-impossible to read, for even she often does not know what she desires until she has it. Many have suffered, often brutally, for her entertainment; the only joy she seems to display is at the expense of others' happiness and health, but a bottle of alcohol will occasionally pacify her. As she has been labeled an alcoholic, Usotsuki favors a strong drink, preferably in the company of one who is easily influenced. With a high tolerance for alcohol, she has been known to use this trait in order to pickpocket those unfortunate enough to find themselves in a drinking game with her. On rare occasions, she has lost, only to find herself with a corpse to dispose of the next morning and a hazy recollection of overwhelming bloodlust.

The seemingly innocuous woman has a disarming smile and charming wit that is undoubtedly her greatest tools in her reign of mischief across the lands. Many women who find themselves in her presence are soon established as missing, never to be seen again. Men often note their pockets empty after an encounter with her. Usotsuki is an established deceiver- consistently so. Her appearance changes with her whims, and with each new face comes a new identity. She has never been seen in her true form and none have learned her real name; most of those she takes on as temporarily allies, although few and far between, know her only as "Usotsuki" (The Liar). There is but one other consistency with her: an "eye for an eye" mentality. Used both positively and negatively, Usotsuki demands payment in return for any services, or seeks out retribution for perceived wrongdoings against her.

Being flighty, the woman has many aspirations that have gone unachieved, but there are some that she attends to diligently until complete. Her alliances, too, change frequently, so it is best to assume that she is loyal to herself above all others; if her life becomes threatened, she will preserve herself over an ally, and may even sacrifice them. She shows little mercy to those who find themselves in her sights, even if they have done no wrong. This lack of mercy stems from her sadomasochistic pleasures, in which causing harm, or being harmed, brings her delight; although she does not claim to be a masochist, Mayu finds some form of joy in another being capable of laying a hand on her, or uttering a word of harm, without expecting repercussions. It is her sadism, however, that overrides most other desires and it requires true focus for her to accomplish goals peacefully, or with the least bloodshed. An example of this is derived from her time in Iwagakure, during which time she became part of their medical facilities and was put through a short test. This test consisted of watching the Medical Administrator carve open his arm with a kunai knife and requested that she heal it. Mayu unintentionally cracked his chair and almost entirely broke her concentration, for the sight drew out her nigh-animalistic desire to completely and utterly maim him; this sadistic desire resulted in her appearing fearful of blood, which was pointed out by the Head of the Hospital, and she replied that he "did not know her." Due to her flirtatious actions toward him, whether they be genuine or simple acts to aggravate, it can be assumed that her want to continue carving up his arm was either a sadist's fantasy or a powerful curiosity.

When interacting with Mayu, allies mostly see her as one who is consistently and irritatingly confident, regardless of the situation. She is not lacking in predatory smiles and eye contact; she wishes to not only control the situation, but also the companion's feelings about her. She can flit easily from a charming seductress to a warmongering murderess, but it remains questionable if any of these traits are displayed honestly. Mayu's self-appointed name of "Usotsuki" describes her as a liar, one whose tongue effortlessly spins tales; it should often be questioned if Mayu is genuine in the emotions she is displaying, for she is an incredible, nigh-unmatched actress with a penchant for manipulating others. It is thought that if she ever revealed her true personality, it would be the opposite of what she shows others. In fact, hidden within her interactions and daily to-do lists are elements of her base personality. Mayu is, undoubtedly, a scholar in psychology with startling intelligence in communication, despite her supposed handicap of insanity. She is also one who strives for anonymity and does not crave the spotlight, even though her actions may suggest otherwise; remaining incognito allows her to behave however she wants rather than hiding her desires away.

Ochiba Appearance

Ochiba is a lovely woman that was taken from a red light district. From what Usotsuki could tell, she's a courtesan, one that is well liked in the area. She was easily lured away by Ume and struck down by Usotsuki. Though she remains unharmed, she also has apparently decided to go mute as a form of rebellion, which Usotsuki often chastises her about and calls her boring. Regardless, she, too, is kept well dressed and attended to, but they are primarily left to themselves in this secret location, though they are kept close tabs on.

Ochiba is quite a beauty and most commonly used as a disguise. She sports dark hair reaching past her waist, though it is normally in a messy updo in order to keep it out of the way. It is parted in the middle, yet forms something of a 'M' shape above her forehead. She has lovely maroon eyes that are nicely accentuated by dark red lipsticks, or an ornately decorated red kimono. When Usotsuki does take her form, she is usually dressed more shinobi-esque in attire, deciding to sport a turquoise colored top with short, baggy sleeves, a golden colored obi, and a long black skirt reaching to her ankles, which splits up the right side and reveals strappy black sandals with a slight heel. This attire is very feminine, accentuating the disguise's beauty, and she generally sports a bright red umbrella that looms over her head; its exact purpose is questionable, for its design appears sturdy rather than meant simply to shade one from the sun or rain. There is no medical pouch apparent when she takes this form, but there is a weaponry holster located beneath the split on her right thigh. Her nails are also painted red, matching the color of the umbrella, but their color is generally hidden due to the black gloves adorning her hands.

Since Usotsuki commonly uses Ochiba now as a disguise, she purchased and modified an umbrella to complete the disguise. Her umbrella is certainly nothing to scoff at, much like Usotsuki herself, for it only looks normal; however, not only is it able to release a poisonous fog from the tip, it is capable of ejecting senbon rapidly and over a long range, the bottom of the umbrella can be removed and used as a dagger, and the umbrella's covering has a sealing formula decorating it. The object can serve more than one purpose, even for bashing or deflecting since the shaft of the umbrella is made of iron (a non-conductive metal), but is primarily used for decoration. It is only used if absolutely necessary.


True Appearance

Mayu has not really be seen in her "true" form. She prefers to keep her actual appearance to herself and dons the appearance of others to do so. She is actually quite beautiful, bordering on divine due to the combination of her hair and eye colors. Mayu's hair is one of her defining traits, being a blonde hue that seems to appear almost white in bright lighting conditions, or a very pale pink in low lighting conditions; she will refer to her hair color as "blonde-pink" if asked. Her tresses are well-maintained and reach to her lower back, yet she will more often keep it in a bun at the base of her skull while her long bangs hang off one side of her face. As a vain woman, she keeps her skin looking flawless, and its pale color accentuates her vividly hued eyes and soft colored hair; albeit her skin is smooth and soft to the touch, Mayu has verbally threatened to break every bone in another's hand if they touched her in her true form. Her eyes are a wonder all on their own; being a vivid lilac color, they are gorgeous to look at an give her an overall angelic appearance, despite her devilish ways. Her eyes are not, however, her best feature- according to her. If given a reason to boast, the female would claim that it is her body which she is most proud of. The woman is both tall and dainty, standing at roughly five feet and eight inches and maintaining a perfect hourglass figure. Her bust is often highlighted in her choices of clothing and she is considered endowed without being overly-busty.


Her attire is that of an olive green yukata with white lining that extends to her shins, and a white sash tied in the front. Black strappy heels adorn her feet, making her attire look dainty and even professional. It is formal while being comfortable for travel. Her tan medical pouch rests above her rear and some senbon are hidden in the mid-forearm length sleeves of the yukata.


Uso Queen

"Darling, you would do well not to believe you know me." - Usotsuki to Evoth

"Only a lamb would believe in pure altruism. All creatures put their own needs above the needs of others." - Musing on Pretenses

Useless Information

  • Mayu is an avid reader of poetry, favoring Franz Kafka and his quote of "Fear of night. Fear of not-night."
  • Mayu has a preference for: whiskey
  • Mayu dislikes: cooking, having her photo taken, unagi, and naivety.
  • Mayu likes: poetry, sukiyaki, studying or training, and challenges to her wit.
  • Mayu's first kiss was from an older drunken man- she promptly butchered him.

Training Log

Training for Shapeshifting Technique began on 09/27 at 5:16pm with Yomi in a Sannin Level zone (Dark Cave) and ended on 10/05 at 5:27am with Usotsuki learning the very basics of the technique.

Obtained scroll containing information on the Attack Prevention Technique from Genesis Uzumaki. Roleplay to garner this scroll began on 11/11 01:40:03 and ended 11/18 20:22:16 in the Personal Messages.

Research for Puppet-Master Seal started on 9/22 in the Green Lands (1 post). Research continued on 10/26 in an Otogakure Dwelling (1 post).

Usotsuki finished reading the scroll gifted to her for the Attack Prevention Technique on 1/09. Training for the technique to follow.

Trained in Hokage Level Zone (Plains) with Attack Prevention Technique and completed the posts on 01/24 at 7:44 pm; accomplished intangibility in fingers up to second knuckle.

Kaguya cell implantation RP completed on 1/28; surgery performed by Hazama. Usotsuki gained the Shikotsumyaku Kekkei Genkai as a result.

3/30- 10:15 Training for Attack Prevention Technique took place; Usotsuki succeeded in making half of one arm intangible. Research for both Shikotsumyaku and Puppet Master Seal also took place in the Sleepy Hollow (Zone Ten).

[09/04 02:28pm] Training for Telescope Technique occurred. Usotsuki was unable to gain a clear picture, only brief flickers of various colors and nothing more. This took place in a private Otogakure Dwelling.

[09/20 07:21pm] Mastery of Hiding in Surface Technique demonstrated. Further research for Puppet-Master Seal completed, bringing her knowledge of it up to 60%.

[10/02 07:14pm] Briefly took to reading a book so as to research the Puppet-Master Seal; book was found in a previous RP. This brings her knowledge to 62%.

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