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Yujo Uzumaki (友好 嵐, Uzumaki Yujo)

  • Uzumaki no Kami (預言者カ うず, The Uzumaki Prophet)
  • Kamikage (神影, God's Shadow)

Voice Actors


Steve Blum


Junichi Suwabe



Astrological Sign Pisces March 6


Gender Male Male


Amalgam of many Humans




190 cm


100 kg

Blood type
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Chaotic Neutral

Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Tōta

Nature Icon Dust Dust Release

Tailed Beast


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Uzushiogakure Symbol Uzushiogakure


Academy Grad. Age


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Unique Traits

  • How many of your friends have I eaten?
  • First living being to successfully sneeze with his eyes open.

  • Uzumaki Symbol Hiden Techniques (Uzumaki Clan)

Chakra Chains

Genjutsu Icon Genjutsu Techniques

Sound Release: Ultimate Silence

Nature Icon Ice Ice Release Techniques

Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals

Nature Icon Fire Fire Release Techniques Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique

Chidori Current

Nature Icon Water Water Release Techniques

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Hachimon Symbol Eight Gates Techniques

Sage Mode (Enjaku Kokka)

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Eight Tails Chakra Mode




A Fathers' Decision

Nineteen years ago, and in the early weeks of spring, an Uzumaki was born. With his father, the illustrious Arashi Riku, this boy was destined for greatness; that would be true, if Riku was going to raise him at all. Unfortunately for the boy, his father didn't deem himself fit for Fatherhood, and decided to abandon his first born son. But where to leave this child, who his very blood runs through, and what legacy to leave him? Riku very quickly decided somewhere in the Land of Fire. He wanted his son to be left a place safe from attack, and away from the chaos Konoha seemed to harbor, so the Fire Temple was chosen. Riku traveled from his home in Kumogakure, the first and final trip he'd take his son on. On the front steps of the Temple, Riku kissed his sons' forehead, and left an inscription for Tsukuyomi, leaving behind the secrets of Riku's life, his techniques and where to eventually find him. This seal only activating when his son came in contact with his brother, the eventual Tsuchikage. With a plan in place, Riku left to continue his work with a particular group

The Temples' Young Prodigy

The next morning, the Monks of the temple came across the Young Uzmaki, immediately taking, as if he was their own child. The nameless child grew quickly, learning humility, and the ways of the temple; Taking after his father he was an adept fighter at the age of 6, learning the Traditions, and Fighting styles of the Fire Temple, mastering them in no time at all. The nameless child was a year before he was to be named by the Temple leader, though to prove he was fit to deserve such an honor, he was going to be needed to be deemed worthy by the Goddess the Monks worshiped, Guan Yin.

Guan Yin

The Gifts of the Hermit Group

With the young boys' coming of age where he met the requirements to be granted a name, a gift as they called it in the temple as many of monks there went nameless their entire lives. Woken from his sleep, the elders beckoned him to the hall of prayer. The Trials of Fire were before him, ready to be marked and scarred for the rest of his days, by the most sacred rituals these monks performed.

The trials were brutal, leaving scars on this child's body, a regular occurrence for this this practice.

=The Uzumaki Clan

After his time


The Monk dons a particular style of robe, that was made by an elder of the Uzumaki clan, in the time of the First Great ninja war, with his beloved clan Symbol proudly worn on the back of his clothing. His dark brown hair does not compliment his deep seated love for his clan, as the red haired gene being recessive, he was not bestowed his clans' most notable feature.

After assimilating a series of recently deceased Shinobi, his monk like appearance was deemed inappropriate by the gods that bound him. A new set of robes were then fashioned


Being born into Monkhood, he took on the very solemn, yet peaceful mannerisms of one, taking on a compassionate demeanor, and caring for most of everything, during his younger years. Though as he aged, and the flame was passed to him, to lead the Uzumaki clan, he grew cold, growing to hate the world, through jealousy of course. His clan was a dying one, the only prominent members surviving, were scattered across the Ninja world, his loneliness made him into a very stoic, hateful person, not wanting anything but the prosperity of his beloved Clan.


Largely due to the fact that Yujo has assimilated the knowledge, and sometimes bodies of many prominent ninja, he has assembled a tremendous diversity in his fighting ability. Though, during his travels of the world, he gained the ability to represent nearly every villages signature techniques: Sound Release from Otogakure, Dust Release from Iwagakure, Ice Release from Yukigakure, and the list goes on.

Ice Release

Boasting claims of being the most dominant member of the Yuki clan since it's creation, his mastery over the frost element is his pride and joy. Having the ability to manifest nearly anything of Ice, Yujo tends to taunt the Senju by using Ice release techniques, that act and look rather similar to the ones of Wood Release. Due to it’s lacks a necessity of hand seals, relying purely on physical movement or mental thought, Yujo holds an absolute control over his freezing energy at incredible speeds, basically as fast as one of his neural synapses.

Yujo's rather cold personality, seems to have manifested itself with an cold aura that always surrounds his person. Passively, this aura stretches about 3 feet around Yujo, chilling the air down by roughly 30 degrees. When used offensively, Yujo can manipulate this aura, extending, and strengthening it's chill quite substantially. Once even, Yujo boasted to be able to create a second Ice Age with this technique, he was only half joking.

Mangekyo Sharingan:

Having unlocked this tremendous power due to his father implanting the memories of his own life, and eventual death into him when he met his Edo Tensei'd Father. Yujo gained mastery of the technique that were locked away inside of his eye, ironically gaining the same abilities as his father, Kamui.

Yujo's right eye uses a short-range version of Kamui, which can only transport targets in close proximity to his person; physical contact with the target is seemingly required. However, this eye can utilize a unique variation of teleportation akin to intangibility. By overlapping their entire body, he can completely conceal his presence and erase all traces of his chakra. This ability also allows the user to bypass even the strongest barrier ninjutsu.

His left eye is able to utilize a long-range version of Kamui, which can transport targets anywhere in the user's line of sight. The target is surrounded with a barrier space, the location and size of which can be specified at will, and when the user concentrates on the target within, the space at the barrier's centre distorts and draws everything within into another dimension. The size of the barrier can be expanded at will, say it an opponent makes a move to escape this technique.

Utilizing both eyes at once doubles the speed at which this technique can be used. Through both eyes, he can create two distortions at the same time and connect them.
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