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Manji Insignia

Manji Insignia

It was around the time the Uzumaki Clan, Senju Clan and many of the smaller clans came together to officially form Uzushiogakure that the previous, and quite inactive, Manji ANBU had been asked for a revival. Keitō Uzumaki, the newly dubbed Shodai Shiokage, and Genesis Uzumaki, the newly dubbed Uzumaki Clan Leader, set that task onto Jay Nara, since the former Commander, Honō Uzumaki, had ultimately dropped off the face of the Earth.

With the task set in his mind, Jay set out to gather several members of the village to set up the Manji ANBU. With 200 members gathered after a long search, Jay dressed the newly recognized Manji ANBU in armor and a mask reminiscent to those found in Konoha, and proceeded to march them through the village. Once they arrived at the Kage Manor, Jay lined up the large fighting force and presented them to the Shiokage, where he was officially recognized as the Manji Commander.

Time passed since then, ideas flourished, the number of Organization members is currently at 1,078 and Agents were created to be the best of the ANBU. The Nara continued, searching for more and more members to join his ranks, creating an entire castle to reside, dubbing it Celestial Castle. Now, at the present, the Manji Organization has come to be recognized as the silent protectors of the village, only showing themselves if they have to, expanding wide throughout the realm, setting up bases in every country that contained a ninja village.

Manji Equipment

Blank Manji Mask

Blank Manji Mask

Amongst the Manji Organization, there's a number of different sets of attires one can wear whilst on duty. The most important is the Manji Mask. The standard Manji Mask is black and blank from any sort of design the owner might wish to decorate their mask with. The mask, as stated before, is the most important because of the technology that it contains. Crafted out of highly durable, Steel Release enhanced, metal, it's more than just a simple piece of identity concealment.

Through the mix of a complex Fuinjutsu formula and Technology, Jay was able to create a mask capable of extreme feats. Despite covering one's entire face, the technology inside of the mask keeps it from hampering one's vision, making it seem as if the mask is completely transparent when worn. Fuinjutsu inside the mask acts as the Motherboard to give a number of different forms of perspective through the mask's usage, ranging from infrared, heartbeat sensors, chakra trailing and a Byakugan-esque form of X-ray vision. Also hooked into the Fuinjutsu is the seal that grants one connection to Manji Network, unlike the lenses that doesn't grant such connection. Despite the heavy abundance of Fuinjutsu, the mask has a built-in air filtration system to battle from harmful airborne substances, such as poisonous gas and whatnot, converting everything harmful into pure and safe breathable air. Lastly, built into the mask is the Manji Organization Fuinjutsu which blocks out enemy attempts at Genjutsu attacks, through both light and smell. While Ototon may seem like a dangerous form of attack, all sounds are capable of being forced to a steady frequency to prevent the wearer from suffering any form of ringing or hearing loss.

Manji Taskmaster is a piece of technology in the possession of every member of the Organization. Wearable on one's wrist, it's design is basic, being composed of stainless steel and painted black for stealth purposes. Despite being made of steel, there lies two layers, the bottom being a smooth, and cushiony, leather to prevent discomfort. This tool is used with a touch screen, in which holographic maps are a possibility. Developed by those in the Manji Research and Development Center, the wristband keeps track of the Markers that makes up a portion of the Manji Network spread throughout the Realm. An ANBU/Agent can also use their Taskmaster to keep track of their missions generated through the Secretary Space.

New-Aged Manji

The Manji Organization has been created with the sole purpose of keeping an shadowed eye on the activities of the other countries, running into a snag here or there, but otherwise keeping up to date on most of the happenings. Only with the recall of the Agents have the Manji Organization been dark on outside matters.

At this point the Organization is in a reconstruction. Only the ANBU will be active, while the Agents take their breaks.

=Manji ANBU

Image Name Role
Standard ANBU Uniform (Male)
Standard ANBU Uniform (Female)
Standard Uniform [Placeholder for Description]
Special ANBU Armor (Male)
Special ANBU Armor (Female)
Special Armor [Placeholder for Description]
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Manji Agents

Image Name Role
Standard Agent Uniform (Male)
Standard Agent Uniform (Female)
Standard Uniform [Placeholder for Description]
Special Agent Armor (Male)
Special Agent Armor (Female)
Special Armor [Placeholder for Description]
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Hierarchy, Inside the Manji Organization

Alucard the count

Jay Nara, Manji Commander

The Manji Organization has grown vast in size since Jay had taken command, having an inner working of an actual ninja village. Besides the Shiokage of Uzushiogakure, Jay has control over every single thing inside of the Manji Organization, doing with it as he pleases.

Below shows the inner circle closest to the Manji Commander

Image Name Role
Hassashin (Manji Advisor)
Hassashin Advisor to the Manji Commander
Kamiya (Manji Bodyguard)
Kamiya Personal Bodyguard to the Manji Commander
Yoruichi (Manji Head Agent)
Yoruichi Appointed Chief to the Manji Agents
Volge (Manji Head ANBU)
Volge Appointed Chief to the Manji ANBU
Dorin (Manji-Head of Finances)
Dorin Appointed Head of Finances
Kat (Manji Secretary)
Kat Personal Secretary to the Manji Commander
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The Hierarchy of the Manji doesn't end here as it continues down towards Division Heads, Base Captains, Unit Captains, Unit Lieutenants and etc.

Manji Divisions

There's a little more than half a dozen different Divisions within the Manji Organization. These divisions are lead by an appointed Head, giving the responsibility as any leader is given to anything. As indicated earlier, the divisions as well, are split between Manji Agents and Manji ANBU.

Image Name Role
Bell (Manji Division Head-Interrogation)
Bell Head Agent of the Interrogation Division
Ken (Manji Division Head-Assassination)
Ken Head Agent of the Assassination Division
Sanaki (Manji Division Head-Intelligence)
Sanaki Head ANBU of the Intelligence Division
Tanzo (Manji Division Head-Counter Intelligence)
Tanzo Head ANBU of the Counter-Intelligence Division
Rey (Manji Division Head-Saboteur)
Rey Head ANBU of the Saboteur Division
Kisuke (Manji Division Head-Research and Development)
Kisuke Head Agent of the Research & Development Division
Azreal (Manji Division Head-Medical)
Azreal Head ANBU of the Medical Division
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Just because one is a Division Head, doesn't mean that they're incapable of going out and leading missions. Each denomination of Division Head is to report to their respective Chief in a meeting, who reports to the Commander in their own meeting.

Division Right-Hands

Image Name Role
Otis (Manji Right-Hand - Interrogation)
Otis Right-Hand to the Interrogation Division
Sonia (Manji Right-Hand - Assassination)
Sonia Right-Hand to the Assassination Division
Marisa (Manji Right-Hand - Intelligence)
Marisa Right-Hand to the Intelligence Division
Riela (Manji Right-Hand - Counter-Intelligence)
Riela Right-Hand to the Counter-Intelligence Division
Zack (Manji Right-Hand - Saboteur)
Zack Right-Hand to the Saboteur Division
Roma (Manji Right-Hand - R&D)
Roma Right-Hand to the Research & Development Division
Lizzy (Manji Right-Hand - Medical)
Lizzy Right-Hand to the Medical Division
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Men of Mayhem

Image Name Role
Yato (Manji Men of Mayhem Captain)
Yato Captain of the Men of Mayhem
Mayhem Symbol
The Mark of Mayhem The symbol of Mayhem is present on the back of the cloaks of every member.
DZ (Manji Men of Meyham Lieutenant)
DZ Lieutenant of the Men of Mayhem
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Ladies of Lawlessness

Image Name Role
Eren (Manji Lady of Lawlessness Captain)
Eren Captain of the Ladies of Lawlessness
Lawlessness Symbol
The Mark of Lawlessness The symbol of Lawlessness is present on the back of the cloaks of every member.
Zoe (Manji Lady of Lawlessness Lieutenant)
Zoe Lieutenant of the Ladies of Lawlessness
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Reaper Squad

Image Name Role
Seif (Manji Reaper Squad Captain)
Seif Captain of the Reaper Squad
Reaper Symbol
The Mark of The Reaper The Symbol of The Reaper is present on the back of the cloaks of every member
Leo (Manji Reaper Squad Lieutenant)
Leo Lieutenant of the Reaper Squad
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Checkmate Platoon

Image Name Role
Lance (Manji Checkmate Platoon Captain)
Lance Captain of the Checkmate Platoon
Checkmate Symbol
The Mark of Checkmate The Symbol of Checkmate is present on the back of the cloaks of every member
Tachi (Manji Checkmate Platoon Lieutenant)
Tachi Lieutenant of the Checkmate Platoon
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Crimson Rangers

Image Name Role
Ryou (Manji Crimson Ranger Captain)
Ryou Captain of the Crimson Rangers
Ranger Symbol
The Mark of The Rangers The Symbol of the Rangers is present on the back of the cloaks of every member
Shiki (Manji Crimson Ranger Lieutenant)
Shiki Lieutenant of the Crimson Rangers
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Obsidian Knights

Image Name Role
Obsidian Knights Insignia
Obsidian Knights Insignia This insignia must be worn, as a pin, on every cadet that attends the Academy
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Manji Bases + Base Captains

Image Name Role
Al (Manji-Ruby Jungle Base Captain)
Al Captain of Ruby Jungle Base inside Fire Country
Maki (Manji-Sapphire Island Base Captain)
Maki Captain of Sapphire Island Base inside Water Country
Fubuki (Manji- Emerald Valley Base Captain)
Fubuki Captain of Emerald Valley Base inside Lightning Country
Skar (Manji-Diamond Estate Base Captain)
Skar Captain of Diamond Estate Base inside Earth Country
Deej (Manji-Pearl Oasis Base Captain)
Deej Captain of Pearl Oasis Base inside Wind Country
Traci (Manji-Amethyst Cavern Base Captain)
Traci Captain of Amethyst Cavern Base inside Rice Country
Ruby (Manji-Turquoise Temple Base Captain)
Ruby Captain of Turquoise Temple Base inside Rain Country
Violet (Manji-Opal Manor Base Captain)
Violet Captain of Opal Manor Base inside Steam Country
Veronica (Manji-Aquamarine Igloos Base Captain)
Veronica Captain of Aquamarine Igloos Base inside Snow Country
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Base Lieutenants

Image Name Role
Nadi (Manji-Ruby Jungle Base Lieutenant)
Nadi Lieutenant of Ruby Jungle Base inside Fire Country
Kota (Manji-Sapphire Island Base Lieutenant)
Kota Lieutenant of Sapphire Island Base inside Water Country
Zee (Manji-Emerald Valley Base Lieutenant)
Zee Lieutenant of Emerald Valley Base inside Lightning Country
Hiru (Manji-Diamond Estate Base Lieutenant)
Hiryu Lieutenant of Diamond Estate Base inside Earth Country
Kiki (Manji-Peal Oasis Base Lieutenant)
Kiki Lieutenant of Pearl Oasis Base inside Wind Country
Raizen (Manji-Amethyst Cavern Base Lieutenant)
Raizen Lieutenant of Amethyst Cavern Base inside Rice Country
Zuma (Manji-Turquoise Temple Base Lieutenant)
Zuma Lieutenant of Turquoise Temple Base inside Rain Country
Kura (Manji-Opal Manor Base Lieutenant)
Kura Lieutenant of Opal Manor Base inside Steam Country
Nogitsune (Manji-Aquamarine Igloos Base Lieutenant)
Nogitsune Lieutenant of Aquamarine Igloos Base inside Snow Country
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Unit Captains

Image Name Role
Manji Dragon Queen (Dragon Captain)
Rinn Captain of the Dragon Unit
Perci (Manji Phoenix Unit Captain)
Perci Captain of the Phoenix Unit
Mei (Manji Tiger Unit Captain)
Mei Captain of the Tiger Unit
Shinji (Manji Rhino Unit Captain)
Shinzi Captain of the Rhino Unit
Mary (Manji Lion Unit Captain)
Mary Captain of the Lion Unit
Rush (Manji Raven Unit Captian)
Rush Captain of the Raven Unit
Izumi (Manji Snake Unit Captain)
Izumi Captain of the Snake Unit
Gil (Manji Mantis Unit Captain)
Gil Captain of the Mantis Unit
Ming (Manji Chameleon Unit Captain)
Ming Captain of the Chameleon Unit
Van (Manji Hornet Unit Captain)
Van Captain of the Hornet Unit
Yukine (Manji Fox Unit Captain)
Yukine Captain of the Fox Unit
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Unit Lieutenants

Image Name Role
Dei (Manji Dragon Unit Lieutenant)
Dei Lieutenant of the Dragon Unit
Merci (Manji Phoenix Unit Lieutenant)
Merci Lieutenant of the Phoenix Unit
Bea (Manji Tiger Unit Lieutenant)
Bea Lieutenant of the Tiger Unit
Sofiya (Manji Rhino Unit Lieutenant)
Sofiya Lieutenant of the Rhino Unit
Natasha (Manji Lion Unit Lieutenant)
Natasha Lieutenant of the Lion Unit
Cree (Manji Raven Unit Lieutenant)
Cree Lieutenant of the Raven Unit
Lucious (Manji Snake Unit Lieutenant)
Luscious Lieutenant of the Snake Unit
Gilly (Manji Mantis Unit Lieutenant)
Gilly Lieutenant of the Mantis Unit
Summer (Manji Chameleon Unit Lieutenant)
Summer Lieutenant of the Chameleon Unit
Xin (Manji Hornet Unit Lieutenant)
Xin Lieutenant of the Hornet Unit
Tobo (Manji Fox Unit Lieutenant)
Tobo Lieutenant of the Fox Unit
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Locations, Within Celestial Castle

As soon as one walks into the Manji Headquarters, they enter the Warp Room, effectively the Main Lobby in the Castle. To the East is the Barracks Wing, to the West is the Medical Wing, directly ahead is the elevator up the castle towards the Offices. Surrounding you, as you enter, is a myriad of banners along the walls covering up said walls by the windows, around 20 to 25 feet tall. Colored in the purest of white with a thick golden rope, braided along the edges in the glowering trim. In the middle of the banners were the Manji Insignia, contrasting the white in the darkest shade of black. For every doorway, two pieces of the tapestry hung below to frame the door, making it eight in total. Two to the East, two to the West, two to the North and two to the South, though the tapestry is strewn throughout Celestial Castle. Directly in the middle of the room is the Manji Insignia, any Fuinjutsu Master recognizing the seal for what it was, the Manji Network, the backbone of the Manji Organization.

Further inside Celestial Castle is a plethora of locations, most of which is living quarters, enough to hold the ever growing army of Manji members. Though, if some members don't wish to remain at Headquarters, they can stay at their own residence in the village. With the widespread of members joining being recruited, said space can easily accommodate 300+ people.

Miyako (Manji-Barracks)

Miyako, keeper of the Barracks.

Said location is affectionately referred to as the Barracks. The barracks makes up most of the castle's East Wing. Miyako, said keeper of the barracks, is tasked with making sure that it's run with a similar strictness as any military, effectively giving the "troops" sub-training in not requiring much sleep to work at full capacity. While sleep is something the body needs, those in Manji are forced to get their rest through a more meditative state of rest, always alert and ready to protect themselves immediately.

Manji Hospital

Manji Medical Lobby

In the West Wing lies the Medical Wing, where Division Head, Azreal, works to teach the nurses and doctors of the Organization that medical staff/ninja can be just as destructive as they can be constructive.

Satchi (Manji-Armory-Warp Room)

Satchi, keeper of the Armory/Warp Room.

Another location of note is the Armory, where every shred of equipment is stored, waiting to be checked out by members of the Organization. Satchi, is the keeper of the Armory as well as the Warp Room. The Armory is in the East wing, below the wing in a vaulted basement. The equipment stored will have already been discussed above.

Manji Dojo

Manji Dojo

The Dojo is essentially in two parts. The first part, is well, the Dojo. A large room a floor underneath the Offices. Even though the room takes up the entire floor, the walls lined with Resistance Seals. Said seals do it all, from hampering the manipulation of chakra, the draining of said chakra, gravity bearing down on the inhabitants by 5x the Earth's gravity and lastly the sudden appearance of unencumbered doppelgangers.

Manji Underground


Underneath the castle is the Research and Development Center, where the Division Head, Kisuke, works alongside others to come up with new inventions. One recognizable invention would be the Underground Training Facility Seal, located in the middle of the Dojo.

Vullahn (Manji Blacksmith)

Vullahn, Grand Blacksmith of the Workshop.

Alongside the R&D Center, is the Manji Workshop where Vullahn works in the Forge.


This is a list of other members that have not been placed yet, but I don't want to forget that they exist.

Image Name Role
Devi (Manji)
Devi Is ultimately looking for a home
Harmony (Manji)
Harmony Is ultimately looking for a home
Levi (Manji)
Levi Is ultimately looking for a home
Melody (Manji)
Melody Is ultimately looking for a home
Shizuma (Manji)
Shizuma Is ultimately looking for a home
Symphony (Manji)
Symphony Is ultimately looking for a home
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