The entrance.

This is an entertainment building located withing the Business District of Uzushiogakure and is simply known as the Cinema & Theater. It is a large complex, ranging wide and ultimately split into two. One portion is a modern movie theater, with a small section of video games, standard snacks and popcorn assortments, a ticket booth, and 8 separate large theater rooms; the other portion is used for plays and live acting, having a center stage surrounding by a semi circle of rows of seats as well as having a second floor to it. What makes this area so special is the fact that they provide both film and acting making it a popular scene. The Theater is known to host many plays throughout the week on a scheduled basis, as well as being used for practices and rehearsals on a daily basis. Whereas the movie theater is open daily and regularly updating with the recent films, as well as even providing 3-D movies. Aside from food and drinks, they seem to also sell novelties and movie themed accessories such as mugs, shirts, hats, figurines and models as well as other nifty novelties. The movie theaters is a known hangout spot for the young Uzushiogakure citizens, where as the Play Theater is for the more older folk. To each their own, the Uzushiogakure Cinema & Theater attracts high attention and popularity within the village.
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