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The Grand Library of Uzushiogakure rests within the heart of the village, standing true as one of the largest buildings within Uzushiogakure. In front of the library rests a large fountain, as well as a very well gardened field.


The library, on the inside, consists of three large levels, the two public levels being the first second floors. These floors spread far and wide, large rows of books spamming as far as the eye can see. Tables are set throughout each of the floors so that those there to study have the ability to do so. In the back of the library, within the staff room rests a single door that leads into the lower level beneath. The place was created from the clan leader's Mokuton, making the place nigh indestructible.


The contents of the ground floor and upper level's bookshelves contain anything that the heart could possibly hope for. Normal books that spread from Comedy to romance, even Science Fiction. Medical books that stem from simple herb identification to medical procedures for birth and surgery. Other contents contain each Jutsu that was known to man, that stems from elemental usage, and everything beneath C-Rank techniques. There are even novice books on explaining how to create and use basic Fuinjutsu.

Hidden Contents

To gain access to the lower level of the library, the person must know the handseal to temporarily release the Fuinjutsu that keeps the door locked. Down within the depths of the library rests a floor with the same exact design as the two above, well lit with torches that seem to have an endless life. The shelves within the lower levels are stacked with books detailing every last jutsu known to man, from E-Rank to S-Rank. Fuinjutsu to Kinjutsu, except for the custom ones created by the Uzumaki Clan Leader. Those are written with the Scroll of Leaders, which is hidden with a final room in the back, protected by several other Fuinjutsu that only the Uzumaki Clan Leader knows.

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