Aerial view of the cove.

The Spa & Hot Springs of Uzushiogakure is a relaxation spot high up within the village and ultimately a cave that leads into the mountainous region of the village. A certain cove/cavern area is formed as natural hot water flows throughout the area, aided from the effects of the waterfalls. The Hot Springs is said to rejuvenate and invigorate the skin and is used as a natural relaxation rest. Pools and jacuzzis fill the area for people to bathe in and indulge in the lovely temperature of the hot springs. Various booths and changing rooms are offered as well as more specialized rooms up at the top. The hot springs are well maintained and staffed continuously as to offer a 24/7 service. Bath robes and sandals are given to guests as well as private lockers and storage units to assure quality treatment.

A private jacuzzi within the Hot Springs.

Furthermore for those who wish to continue relax on their day and indulge in the aroma therapy of the area as well as powerful spirit uplifting abilities the hot springs also has a spa and massage center located above. Various private rooms above water are made for more personalized massages including acupuncture as well. Visitors may enjoy a relaxing stay within the hot springs and may also be treated to a back, body, head, and foot massages.

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