The Textile Mill.

One of the island's prime exports includes the various creations invented through textiles. Whether it be scrolls or flak jackets, Uzushiogakure never fails to provide quality material to its neighboring countries. Although not actually located within the village, the Uzushiogakure Textile Factory is a compound located on a westerly isle near the farmlands. With its coastal location, the water mill has no better location to be in order to power up the facility. Consisting of two units, a mill and assembling factory the area is abundant with resources and provides an ease of access to the local farmers.


The factory building.

The factory building is not grand in size but efficient for the space acquired, having two floors and a wide length for the appropriate machinery. Due to its location, ferry's can easily travel to and from for various shipment runs within the island or around it. The entire staff have been invested in the trade for years and years before them, being the ones who attribute to its authenticity; giving them the right to the property and business. Thus without them technically being within Uzushiogakure they are very much so within Uzushiogakure. Many of their rarest of wares can be found within the village's central market place and for cheap too.

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