The Peak of the Waterfall.

The pinnacle of Uzushiogakure; this waterfall supplies the village with its constant streams of water throughout its cliffside. The waterfall is at the very peak of Uzushiogakure, constantly running and passing off water down bellow. It was once home to the former Uzumaki Leader and now is used as a relaxation area with the former mansion being converted into a spa lodge. Natural hot springs seem to occur within the base pool of water, making it a nice area to relax within. During the islands reconstruction, there seemed to have been geyser systems setup throughout its entirety; which is what allows for this waterfall to house a continual flow of water, despite being the highest point. The bodies of water that surround the island are constantly being funneled of their water in order to protrude them from the top of Uzushiogakure. This constant cycle, keeps flowing water for the village and recycle their supply with continuously and naturally. The geysers are set off at timed intervals to keep the entire water flow at a constant level as well as to prevent a drought or over flow.


A side view of the waterfall, showing different points of leakage.

Much about the waterfall is all scenic, being a more popular relaxation spot to the villagers. It is said that scientist and researchers live within the observatory, constantly studying the village and its atmosphere. As well as housing a large telescope to study astronomy. Ultimately the waterfall breaks up into a series of lakes and streams that run throughout the village's cliffsides. Some streams being larger than others, yet flowing entirely throughout the village; making the use of bridges necessary in order to connect parts of the land separated by the bodies of water. At the lowest point though, the streams and lakes reconnect with one
Waterfall Cove

The Cove of the Waterfall.

another and form what is known as the Reservoir of Eternity, leaving the village and continuing on throughout the island as it reaches the Great Sea in order to be pumped back up to the waterfall. Creating the endless supply of water for the village. The water falls down from multiple points, creating various waterfalls both great and small, funneling from the top most point.

There seems to be various platforms and scenic areas along the Waterfall, especially a rather hiden trail as well. A rock formation of walls and steps leads deep into the center of the Waterfall, where a cove seems to exist. 


The Waterfall Lodge.

From there people may reside within the depths of the mountain and be surrounded by a lush oasis of water. Within said secret area lies a wooden lodge of sorts, hovering over a stream of water. It is said to house a relaxation spa with various luxurious house decor and massage parlors. The cove itself acts as an enhanced relaxation area, allowing for various waterfalls and streams of water in the lush oasis.

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