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  • Angra Mainyu
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The Vimana (ヴィマーナ) is a flying contraption that is owned by Angra Mainyu and contained within his pocket dimension.

It is a gold and emerald ark, fueled by mercury and solar-powered by special, rutilated crystal gems (結晶石, Kesshōseki), that surpasses the laws of physics by traveling at the speed of thought. It has a pilot throne that can be withdrawn in emergency situations, and a control column, which isn't used due to interference with the operation of the Gate of Infinity, is placed directly in front of it. He can freely use the Gate of Infinity to launch projectiles while piloting the vessel, and he can also summon shields to block midair projectiles.

In Motion

Fate Zero Servent Air Battle - OverLock

Fate Zero Servent Air Battle - OverLock

A demonstration of the Vimana's excellent speed and mobility.

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