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    Amegakure Symbol Amegakure
Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Extremely High Intelligence
  • Flight

Vultures (鸚, Ōmu) are the characteristic summon of Yasaka Uchiha. During his time training with Arienai, he signed a contract with them and came into possession of their summoning scroll, and since then they have aided him in battle at every turn. The vultures themselves are not particularly gifted in direct combat, but due to their high intelligence and aptitude for collaboration techniques, the summoner will find that their avian comrades' talents lie deep in the fields of strategy and wit.


The vultures are usually able to use two chakra natures: Fire Release, and Wind Release. Due to the effects that these two natures have on each other, the parrots are capable of creating troublesome situations for the opponent. They may also harden their feathers into a hard armor-like shell around themselves, or fire them at a foe as projectiles. Their ability to fly, combined with their feather manipulation techniques, makes them very useful for attacking groups from above. The vultures fly faster than most other birds due to the same feather techniques, and are capable of complex aerial maneuvers. Yasaka has also used them in his genjutsu techniques at times.

Known Summons


  • All of the truly notable vulture summons seem to have names which are Scandinavian in origin.

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