Yūmei's Chakra Armour



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Yūmei's Chakra Armour


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  • Yūmei Kokūzō
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This predominantly black-shaded armor serves as an extension, or rather, an in-built feature of the attire awarded to Yūmei Kokūzō by the remaining members of the Shiryū (四竜, Four Dragon Kings) in commemoration of slaying two of its members.

It ejects out from his attire's gold plates, and is somewhat similar to a diver's wet suit, very much resembling his more recent choice of attire. It possesses medical aid such as built-in defibrillators and some basic system displays, such as an internal clock. There is a reinforced area around the chest, with two vent-like structures roughly corresponding to the pectorals. The legs are also reinforced, with vents on them to allow for freer flow and exertion of chakra through them, in most cases passively-augmenting Yūmei's speed and dexterity; it provides extreme strength in alloys.

The armor has a retractable mask with a strong resemblance to that which Yūmei often wore along with his previous attire; it is a spiky black and indigo mask, completely concealing Yūmei's head when worn — appearing opaque from the outside, but transparent from the inside. By unknown means, a small part of the mask can be signaled to slide down to reveal his eyes. Notably this mask prevens genjutsu from being directly cast upon Yūmei being that his facial features, notably his eyes are concealed. There also exists a miniature microphone on the lower end of the mask's interior designed to deepen his voice for identity-safeguarding purposes.

Through Yūmei's application of the Preta Path, the armor is capable of absorbing jutsu's, using the stored chakra to either increase its defensive capabilities, augment his physical prowess or enhance genjutsu and/or ninjutsu that he utilizes.

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