editYūmei Kokūzō


  • (幽明虚空蔵, Kokūzō Yūmei)
  • Heavenly Emperor (天皇陛ō下, Tennō Heika)
  • Fifth Hokage (五代目火影, Godaime Hokage)



Astrological Sign Cancer July 3


Gender Male Male




20 (Deceased)


189 cm


69.1 kg

Blood type



Chaotic Good

Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Tōta

Nature Icon Power Power Release




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    Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
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    Genesis Division Symbol Genesis Division


Ninja Rank


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Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Enhanced Physical Strength
  • Enhanced Physical Durability
  • Enhanced Resistance to Heat
  • Enhanced Resistance to Paralysis
  • Enhanced Resistance to Poison
  • Enhanced Resistance to Shock Damage
  • Various Enhanced Affinities


Casual Theme

  • YuuCasual
Battle Theme

  • 08. 絢爛-finality
Serious Battle Theme

  • YuuBoss


Sharingan Triple

Mangekyō Sharingan Yūmei (Eternal)


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Sharingan TripleMangekyō Sharingan YūmeiMangekyō Sharingan YūmeiMangekyō Sharingan Yūmei (Eternal)



Wood Release

Nature Icon WoodNature Icon WoodNature Icon WoodNature Icon Wood


Shikotsumyaku SymbolShikotsumyaku Symbol +MAX Nature Icon Power

Yūmei Kokūzō (幽明虚空蔵, Kokūzō Yūmei) was the Fifth Hokage (五代目火影, Godaime Hokage; Literally meaning "Fifth Fire Shadow") of Konohagakure, and a descendant of both the Senju and Uchiha clans. He was the eleventh eldest son of the late Fire Country's daimyō, pulled the strings of the pseudo Akatsuki's, and served as the leader of Genesis and of the ANBU faction: "The Genesis Division".


Enter: Yūmei Kokūzō

Young Yuumei

Yūmei, 11th eldest son of the Fire Country's previous daimyō.

As one of the many offspring of the Fire Country's daimyō, an Uchiha, Yūmei was raised astray from the operations of much of the shinobi world under the additional care of his mother, a Senju, who possessed the DNA of Hashirama Senju. In spite of receiving a reasonably-high standardized education, he was segregated from the world outside, his knowledge of it bleak whilst remained home bound. In spite of this though, Yūmei never felt entirely lonely, on occasion commuting with his half-relatives, particularly Kudara Kokūzō, who remained his closest sibling, in spite of them only possessing a mutual father. Yūmei was also known to be an expert in shōgi, his tactical prowess emanating whenever he brought down somebody older than him, and was only ever unable to defeat Kudara. However, this luxurious lifestyle was fated to end in utter ruination.

When he was nine, Yūmei's mother was assassinated; the sorrow that he experienced during this time instigated the awakening of the Sharingan. A seven year old Yūmei confronted the daimyō afterward and accused him of leaving his mother defenseless, even going as far as denouncing his entitlement to his aristocratic position, ignoring Kudara's consistent pleas for him to remain silent of the ordeal. In response, his father banished him to Konohagakure, where he was to be used as a political hostage. However this only lasted for several months as the Land of Fire consequently abandoned Yūmei as a diplomatic tool and forced him to go into hiding. Yūmei then resolved to uncover the truth regarding his mother's assassination, and began to take multiple steps in order to achieve just that.

While residing inside of Konohagakure, Yūmei sought help from the Mayakashi household, who were his deceased mother's associated in the past. They enrolled him into the local academy, where he graduated from several months later, his genius-level of intellect surpassing that of even the teachers. During his education there, Yūmei established a close friendship with Yūjin, a fellow student, and to only one who approached him without appearing intimidated by Yūmei's overwhelming wisdom. They were placed in the same squad at Yūmei's request, in spite of him being eligible to enter the Chūnin Exams. During a mission though, everything became mirror-clear. The anonymous client turned out to be none other than one of the daiymō's consorts, who had learned of Yūmei's survival, and sought to end it otherwise; Yūjin turned out to be a spy planted by the daiymō himself, used to monitor Yūmei's lifestyle, and was later discovered by the very consort who sought to use him on this one mission. Faced with life and death, learning the truth of Yūjin's identity and being reminded of what he had resolved to perform in the past, Yūmei was forced to kill his 'friend' in cold blood, instigating the awakening of the Mangekyō Sharingan. He then defected from Konohagakure, in fear that there may be more spies planted by the daiymō.

Spending a couple of years as a missing-nin, Yūmei learned of a masquerade ball being hosted within the daiymō's palace. Seeking to question his father then and there, he broke into the premises through repetitive usage of the Mangekyō Sharingan technique: Amatsumikaboshi, and wound up inside of the main hall, snagging himself a mask in the process, and participating as a guest as the festivities continued. He confronted Kudara in his room, pausing their reunion in favor of locating their father, to whom the former led him to. There he questioned that very man the reasons leading into his mother's death, or assassination-farce, although Yūmei's father did not remain passive for long, and being a prestigious member of the Uchiha clan, fought his son to the death without fully answering his questions. While although his father did not possess the Mangekyō Sharingan, the plethora of attacks at his disposal was no understatement, and lead Yūmei into overusing his own Mangekyō Sharingan, rendering himself blind. The aftermath that ensued led to the transfer of eyes from Kudara to himself, thus restoring his sight, and instigating the awakening of the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. The two half-brothers coming to an agreement, they set set out from the imperial palace, into the wilderness - against the world, their mutual enemy.

The more Yūmei wandered the continent, the more he was subjected to the grave injustice being performed on a daily basis. He witnessed murder, lies, rape, homicide and theft. The world was black and white, black because his eyes shut out the light, white because he came to forget the other colours. It was during this time he learned of his ability to manipulate wood, and evolved his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan into the Rinnegan; shortly after, he developed an inclusive extension of Yin–Yang Release, Feng Shui Art (風水芸術, Fūsui Geijutsu), enabling him to devour everything within a certain radius in a phenomenal amount of compressed chakra, fend himself from chakra-based techniques and bind his opponents with relative ease. This only furthered both his and Kudara's plans to redeem the continent, with intentions of destroying it.

From Dawn to Twilight

Hence he formed the criminal organization to be known as the Akatsuki. Enlisting a number of S-ranked criminals, Yūmei worked behind the scenes while his associates performed his dirty work. However their antagonism to the world proved to be a hindrance to his careful planning, dastardly slowing down his progress of casting the world into oblivion. During this time Kudara departed from Yūmei's side in order to perfect the kekkei tōta, Star Release.

Later disbanding the Akatsuki, Yūmei and a selective amount of his most prized associates went into hiding in a past hideout. The more time progressed, the easier it was for the outside world to forget their existence, hence was why they began to operate as a secret society. The organization Genesis was birthed as a result. No longer focusing on capturing the tailed beasts which the villages on the surface continued to bicker over possession of, Yūmei placed his attention on more pressing matters: Sparking a revolution that would captivate the world enough to tear a rift in the fabric of reality - a paradox no less, to revert everything back to its primordial state. Although this served as his main objective, he possessed an alternative - to subjugate the entire shinobi population under his divine rule.

Ascension of the Godaime Hokage

Becoming the Hokage following Shiizuki's removal, he integrated the forces of Genesis into Konoha's ANBU force, greatly increasing the village's military power. He also later developed a seal granting him similar, if not better, effects of Orochimaru's Cursed Seal of Heaven, of which left him in a coma for multiple days. Shortly after Yūmei's coronation, Kudara returned, having perfected his kekkei tōta, and became an ambassador of the village.

Following Kumogakure's declaration of war was made on Konoha, Yūmei further closed the margin between his power and that of the Sage of the Six Paths. He meditated so as to unlock the true potential of Yin–Yang Release as well as his own ability to rule over life and death as the Outer Path in a form unaffected by either. This training session led to the creation of, and inspired the future creation of many other extraordinary abilities. He at that point, abandoned his previous persona as an aristocrat of sorts, and began to don that of an individual exhibiting both the Will of Fire and a much more wiser demeanor, even titling himself 'The Sage Incarnate'.

Bonds of Scales

Following the death of Uchiha Rares, Yūmei came into possession of his attire, the scroll containing information concerning the mechanics of the Flying Thunder God Technique, of which he himself cannot decipher without first signing a blood contract with one of those who created it, and most importantly, the dragon summoning contract. Signing it shortly after obtaining it, the Hokage attempted to summon forth one of the mythical creatures as a test run, only to be reverse summoned to Tenryūji, homeland of the dragons as a result. There he commuted with several of the species, and trained with them to build up a healthy fellowship, and ultimately gain their undying allegiance. Of the creatures inhabiting the vicinity, he's only made extensive contact with a couple, their powers of a truly terrifying caliber, truly befitting of mystical creatures.

Some few weeks later, Yūmei sought out a more efficient method of increasing his chakra pool, as well as his own physical attributes from the dragons. While at Tenryūji, he came to learn of how the species' contract's predecessor, Rares came to do so - through the assimilation of dragon-kind. This left Yūmei in a difficult situation, not wishing to sacrifice the dragons he had already come to befriend. Instead, he sought out other power members of the species, then finding out about the Shiryū (四竜, Four Dragon Kings); he also created a technique for performing the deed. Per chance, the Hokage crossed paths with two of its members while scouring the plane for assimilation-worthy subjects, Tsuyoshikō and Tsuyoshinzoku. He challenged them to a death match, the two dragons immediately accepting, taking far too much pride in their power, without being wary of their opponent's own. The battle lasted for an entire day, however in the end, Yūmei triumphed, though only through expending the vast majority of the chakra he had stored away in his seal. He then assimilated them into his body, undergoing a complete cellular-metamorphosis. When the process was completed, he could feel a near-overwhelming amount of chakra circulating throughout his body, and feeling empowered. Notably, his more darker emotions began to surface more often as they did in the past, as was the fundamental nature of the dragons. Yūmei was confronted by the other members of Shiryū, who rather than avenging their fallen comrades, gifted him a new attire, even though those comrades happened to be their siblings in addition - so long as they were in the plane, the dragons were forced to uphold a chivalrous perspective to a high extent, one which seemingly forsook the deaths of relatives.

Return to Konohagakure

When Yūmei returned to Konohagakure, he was still engaged in the secondary portion of his recovery. When he received a visit from Dark, the scroll in his possession was properly deciphered mentally imbuing him the fundamentals of a particular technique. Yūmei also returned the scroll to Dark, as a show of good faith, not to mention that he had no further use of it.

Following a fortnight-long interval, Yūmei had completely recovered from the dragon soul assimilation-operation, gaining full usage of the perks associated with it as the end result. He had also begun to manipulate the elements enhanced by the assimilation, setting grounds for developing a Kekkei Tōta.

During the advent of his return, he was visited by the Godaime Raikage of Kumogakure, Zenaku Mibu. It was then and there they negotiated an end to the strife between their respective villages, with Konohagakure obtaining the Four-Tails (四尾, Yonbi) as a gift of initial peace.

Some time later, Yūmei returned to Tenryūji, where he trained vigorously with the remaining members of the Shiryū, developing the tōta Power Release within the span of a couple of days. However, he was forced to draw upon the chakra obtained via the earlier assimilation, as a result destabilizing his own self-control, whilst intensifying his darker desires. When he returned to Konohagakure, his entrance alone demonstrated that, he would later need to harness the power gifted to him by the dragons, were he to make full-use of it.

Reign of the Dragon Sage

Yūmei, with the aid of Gaiaku Uchiha, collected the utmost-elite of Konohagakure's ANBU, before coercing them into swearing absolute fealty to him; hence the Genesis Division was born, a personal ANBU division much like the disbanded counterpart, Root.

During the Crystal Competition, he came to learn of a group of others which conspired to take his life for no declared reason whatsoever. Learning that one of its members was participating in the event, he sent Gaiaku to subjugate the man.

Time refused him any grace however, and while the battle raged on, Yūmei lost his patience to the dragons residing within his subconsciousness. Holding council with them, the temptations of knowledge and guaranteed revolution snared his mind so great, that he once more ventured to Tenryūji, where he consulted the Shiryū, which then banded together and had him attend council with the Dragon Sage. It was then and there that it was agreed they'd utilize Konoha as a new base for dragonkind, and bring with them knowledge to render it nigh-impenetrable. While preparations for the venture were being planned, the Hokage then began training with the Shiryū, his chaotic will bending the nature of techniques he began to devise, rendering the appearance innovative Wood Release techniques an utterly distorted fashion, as if they were wrought for a pure nightmare.

The Genesis

Immediately after returning to Konohagakure, Yūmei along with a host of dragons mustered to his side via Summoning: Ryūmon announced their appearance through destroying a third of the village to transform the Hokage Residence into a tower, render it nigh-indestructible, as well as compress its width, and then safeguard its only entrance. He then along with the aid of Angra Mainyu and Seijin Saikōsai produced replicate barriers encompassing the villages and melded them with the tower's walls, as well as duplicating the talismans the original residence possesses and erecting them throughout the tower's structure. He also forcibly coerced the great majority of ANBU remaining and inducted them into the ranks of Genesis.

After some time had passed, he through the mass utilization of a certain technique teleported the host of dragons, Genesis members, villagers and the Hokage Residence (along with the surrounding shrubbery) to Tenryūji, which he designated as the new realm for the chosen humans and dragons to coexist, amongst other things.

Yūmei oversaw the construction of the city, which occupies most of Tenryūji. He also devised the creation of Yliaster, as well as the spawning of the legions-worth of Engine Humans resulting from the implanting of dragon DNA and Yliaster, substituted for limbs. He imparted his knowledge to the Yliaster Monarch, though coverage was tied strictly to his life state.

He later perished during one of the campaigns he had formulated, though his legacy continues in the coverage-unlocked image of his.


Those who seek power, will find only ruination. Men are not gods; no matter what they try, they can never escape the fact that they are human, and are susceptible to the same flaws. But to those who dare to avert the truth with self-conjured lies... they shall ultimately pay the price of forsaking their very identity, for an ephemeral illusion.

— Yūmei in response to humanity's unquenchable thirst for power.

Yūmei was a highly intelligent indiviual who was also calm, sophisticated, and slightly arrogant due to his aristocrat upbringing. When donning the role of a leader, his true feelings were expressed; his charisma and ideals gained him the trust and respect of many warriors and leaders. While Yūmei was righteous and noble by nature he was more than willing to do acts that go against his morality; that was due to his belief that he must commit evil to destroy the greater evil. His desire to destroy and recreate the world came from his revenge for his mother's apparent death, however in time he came to realize that his goal is not just for her, but for the entire world.

Yūmei had a habit of accepting responsibility for actions which he has no fault in. This may have been his tragic flaw. Yūmei seemed to have an average amount of concern for innocent lives, while he did oppose the concept of terrorism, he did not (or at least not openly) display a great amount of remorse for the collateral of his endeavours. Following his assimilation of two dragons, his personality became much more distorted as per usual, whence he displayed little sympathy for violence enacted upon his allies, and otherwise opting not to participate in affairs which do not concern him directly. His desire to lead a revolution has trumped all other priorities, such as addressing conspiracies announced against his person, illustrating the increasing radius of issues he deems too mundane to consider worthy of any serious attention whatsoever.


Yūmei's trademarks were his somewhat-long black hair and violet eyes. He wore a white, opaque mask with only one eye-slot (right), uniform for all members of Genesis. It was nothing more than an accessory to him, however, and would not fail to dispose of it if it hindered his plans. He wore heavy plates beneath his garments and on his shoulders, which wwould protrude into his chakra armour, without tearing up his clothes to a strange effect.

His attire (given to him by the Dragons) previously consisted of a purple suit with golden stripes and long sleeves. It bore plates of gold in various locations, particularly on his arms, on his hips and the sides of his thighs. They were however, not mere decorations; these plates can at Yūmei's will eject into a full body suit - chakra armor, somewhat similar to a diver's wet suit, very much resembling less recent choice of attire. This attire, due to the gold plates was relatively-heavy - a regular human would not be able to wear it, however, with his increased powers, this additional weight to Yūmei was nothing.

His less recent attire consisted of a light purple suit with golden stripes and long, wrapped sleeves. The outfit combined Victorian fashion with that of a sleek bodysuit, elegant but practical; worn over it a black and gold cloak with crimson spandex inside and an enormous black cape encircling the head.

Its immediately recognizable feature was a spiky black and indigo mask, worn on various occasions, completely concealing Yūmei's head when worn — appearing opaque from the outside, but transparent from the inside. By unknown means, a small part of the mask could be signaled to slide down to reveal his eyes, although this was rarely done. Notably this mask prevented genjutsu from being directly cast upon Yūmei being that his facial features, notably his eyes were concealed behind a continuously-active, perception-manipulating barrier ninjutsu. There also existed a miniature microphone on the lower end of the mask's interior designed to deepen his voice for identity-safeguarding purposes.

His other discarded attire consisted of him wearing an onyx robe with gold-trimmings, along with a large, white, flowing toga draped around his main body and across his chest. His ebony hair stuck upwards at the top, although he from time to time reverted back to possessing his present hairstyle.

He bore the Blessed Crest of Yatagarasu on his chest over where his heart is supposedly located.


As the Hokage and previously the leader of Genesis and Akatsuki, Yūmei was an extraordinarily powerful shinobi, and recognised as the most powerful member of the previously mentioned criminal organizations, as well of Konohagakure as his new title suggests. It should be noted he possessed great stores of chakra, having assimilated two dragons, hence being able to cast a long chain of S-rank techniques without tiring through from time to time, training to bolster both his physical, and spiritual prowess'.


Yūmei as a child was moderately skilled with taijutsu. He rarely performed any arduous physical tasks, nor engaged in a great deal of activity involving the sort. This changed in later years when he became a shinobi of Konohagakure, his skills in the field greatly improving as time passed, to the stage that he was capable of sparring with resident-Chūnin, and in rare cases, Jōnin, while being a mere Genin. When he defected from the village, Yūmei demonstrated increased reflexes and ambidexterity, easily managing to slip into the Fire Country's Daiymō's residence without being detected (although, Amatsumikaboshi also contributed to this feat) where security rivaled that of his past village, especially during the festivities being hosted there at the time. As Hokage, Yūmei spent a considerable amount of his spare time training beneath the Hokage Residence, engaging in physical tasks such as laps, abdominal strength and calisthenics exercises, and sparring with clones, all while manipulating a large host of clones to drastically increase his experience.

When Yūmei underwent, and recovered from his assimilation, his physical prowess drastically heightened to the point where he could wear armor easily outweighing the leg-weights Konoha's elite often wore to make practical use of gravity; he could also punch through boulders, and storm through stone walls without imprinting so much as a scratch on the limbs most-utilized, all while expending a minuscule quantity of chakra to enhance his strength. He also became incredibly agile, which in combination with his dragon-like senses (gained via the assimilation) and ocular abilities discredits even the most cunning of stealth tactics employed by the continent's greatest assassins, while easily placing him in that tier.


Yūmei was versatile in weapon usage, switching between wielding, or throwing like spears Chakra Disruption Blades, or summoning a barrage of Chakra Receiver Stakes via scrolls to devastate entire battlefields. He utilized his Shakujō when needing to expand upon his most-fundamental of Rinnegan-derived techniques to greatly cripple unsuspecting foes, while employing Kartika to remove the presence of seals and contracts, and turnabout any defense into a detriment in the case of the opposition.


Possessing the Rinnegan, Yūmei possessed all five of the basic chakra affinities. He had also created a number of ninjutsu augmented into his fighting style, granting him a high level of versatility when on the battlefield. Yūmei's techniques also often involved usage of crows, both in ninjutsu and genjutsu. This was seen amongst others with his creation of a clone that dissolves into crows and using crows to hide shuriken in them. Assimilating two dragons, Yūmei's prowess with the fire, lightning and yin affinities had drastically increased, granting him improved resistance to those natures in particular, while improving their destructive capabilities on his part.

Space–Time Ninjutsu

Yūmei was known to be highly-skilled with manipulating the space-time continuum, as demonstrated through his creation of a number of techniques capable of of utilizing it for a variety of purposes. He was capable of travelling through the space-time continuum to reach a variety destinations almost-instantaneously, as demonstrated whenever he used Secret Technique: Pedestal of Time to reallocate himself from Konohagakure to his secret hideout beneath the village.

Summoning Technique

Provided his access to the Amplification Summoning Technique, Yūmei could summon not solely the dragons he had contracted in his service, but also creatures which size he has greatly amplified, as well as assigned particular, if not enhancements to their inventories of power. The Animal Path also permitted him to summon people as well. A list of individuals he could summon is as follows:

Humans Dragons Animal Path Creatures



Yūmei's incredible power stemmed mainly from his kekkei genkai, the legendary Rinnegan. This was originally possessed by the Sage of the Six Paths, the world's first ninja, and the founder of modern ninjutsu. Yūmei had mastered all six nature transformations, well versed in all of them, while not necessarily relying on any of them in particular. It was believed the Rinnegan allows Yūmei to use any technique he wishes, which had led to his invention of the jutsu-subcategory: Feng Shui Art. He could also use the Rinnegan to install mental barriers and traps in his minions' minds to prevent others from accessing secret information. The Rinnegan also enhanced Yūmei's vision of chakra in a similar manner to the other great dōjutsu, allowing him to see the chakra of barrier techniques around the perimeter of his location, and the chakra gathered at a shinobi's feet. Using the Outer Path's ability, he could create chains which could control tailed beasts and were very difficult to remove. Following his assimilation of dragon souls, Yūmei utilized the incredible enhancement gained from the process, to invent the kekkei tōta, Power Release. He used the characteristic red lightning of the nature as mediums for otherwise-intangible Path-derived techniques. Later on, he imparted this ability to Yūmei Luenah.


Even when excluding his dōjutsu's prowess, Yūmei was a formidable opponent. He was highly intelligent, possessing a genius-level intellect, and was capable of devising and executing strategies with incredible speed and precision. The conspicuous appearances of Yūmei and knack for evading hostile confrontation demonstrated his mental acuity; ranging from his superb skill in playing shōgi, to when figuring out the identity of an individual he could only acknowledge mentally, Yūmei instantly came up with fourteen different possibilities for the former's identity - including the correct one.


  • His name literally translates to "dark and light, the Receptacle of Void".
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