• (幽明天国, Luenah Yūmei)
  • (混乱君主, Yliaster Monarch)
  • Dragon Sage (竜仙人, Ryū Sennin)



Astrological Sign Cancer July 3


Gender Male Male






189 cm


71 kg

Blood type



Chaotic Good

Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Tōta

Nature Icon Power Power Release




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    Genesis Symbol Genesis
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    Tenryūji Symbol Tenryūji
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    Genesis Division Symbol Genesis Division


Ninja Rank



Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Vitality
  • Implanted dragon DNA
  • Incredibly sinister chakra
  • Yliaster-empowered limbs


Mangekyō Sharingan Yūmei (Eternal)

Sage Mode Dragon

Nature Icon Fire

Nature Icon Power

Nature Icon Wind

Nature Icon Wood

Telescope Technique




Sharingan TripleMangekyō Sharingan YūmeiMangekyō Sharingan YūmeiMangekyō Sharingan Yūmei (Eternal)

Sage Mode

Sage Mode DragonSage Mode DragonSage Mode DragonSage Mode DragonSage Mode DragonSage Mode Dragon

Wood Release

Nature Icon WoodNature Icon WoodNature Icon WoodNature Icon Wood


Shikotsumyaku SymbolShikotsumyaku Symbol +MAX Nature Icon Power

Yūmei Luenah (幽明天国, Luenah Yūmei) is the leader of Genesis and Tenryūji, as well as Yūmei Kokūzō's antithesis. Yūmei is revered as the Dragon Sage (竜仙人, Ryū Sennin), because of his signature dragon summonings and his status as a sage.


Tenryūji: The Early Days

Yūmei Kokūzō created in secret a clone of himself, not one composed solely of his chakra, but of true physical form. In order to accomplish this, he used the corpse of the pseudo-Akatsuki leader, Nashley whom he controlled from the shadows long ago as a medium, and the ability to transfer his will inside of it. It was due to Nashley's considerable vitality as a Senju and Uchiha crossbreed, as well as the high grade technology contained in Tenryūji that the synchronization-process proceeded very smoothly, replacing numerous of his limbs with Yliaster components, as well as implanting a considerable amount of dragon DNA within his body; this ultimately bolstered the clone's own physical and spiritual capabilities to heights surpassing even the Godaime Hokage at the time, in his prime.

Dubbed the Yliaster Monarch (混乱君主), the clone remained in hibernation deep beneath the Hokage Residence seated upon a throne within the chamber of its invention. Later on, the Godaime Hokage paid him a visit, only to implant him with knowledge of everything he knew, from the secrets behind all of his techniques, where to locate his sealed items as well as the plans he had carefully formulated, and lastly of his entire background; this knowledge however was sealed away soon after, triggered to disappear the moment the Godaime passes away.

Only a fortnight later, that seal came undone. The Godaime had perished, and all of the knowledge he had previously sealed within his 'true' clone surged back to him. It was from that very moment that he identified himself as "Yūmei Luenah", precisely the same as his predecessor. This additionally triggered the awakening of Yūmei's Mangekyō Sharingan. Following the plans contained within his memory, Yūmei retrieved all of the items presently without a master, distributing them among those who could better utilize them. He also taught the techniques he himself could not utilize at his current level to to others, spreading forth the legacy that man initially planned to bestow upon his companions.

Yūmei signed the dragon contract scroll, and immediately convened with the Dragon Sage to undergo the training that what was formally known as one's "antithesis" (rather than clone) was incapable of undergoing entirely. It took little time for Yūmei to well and truly become a sage, learning the basics of senjutsu very quickly, and incorporating such principles into attaining the Dragon Sage Mode. Beyond this, he further honed his powers in extensive meditation, taking full advantage of the dense environment of natural energy present in Tenryūji, being the homeland of dragonkind full well capable of utilizing it to a masterful extent. The Dragon Sage in response to this, bestowed the Transmogrification Seal upon Yūmei, prophesying that he's require of it before his eyes attain ultimate darkness.

Advent of the Dragon Sage

So as to avert such a fate, as calculated, Yūmei made immediate preparations to attain the eyes that would grant him ocular harmony, in doing so returning to Konohagakure, though in his transmogrified state. Once inside, he entered the old Genesis hideout located underneath the irregularly-sized puddle in one of the village's many, untouched alleyways. He sealed the corpses of former members Montoro, Siegfried and Kakashi which were being preserved in a hidden chamber, as well as numerous documents and finances which kept the organization afloat while it actively ran in the village. Returning to Tenryūji with his findings, Yūmei had Avalon Lucetius engage with him in combat, so as to wear the lifespan of their ocular vision respectively, before having Montoro's eyes transplanted. As there were no strong familial connection with him, Yūmei was forced to inject himself with a fair amount of ambiguous substances to neutralize deficiencies, as well as drastically increase the rate of success.

Yūmei participated in the creation of Arutema Tenshi in the Land of Demons, utilizing resources such as Yliaster, specially crafted alloys and Zirnitra. He later visited Kirigakure is his transmogrified state under the alias of "Hex" along with Teuchi, Avalon and Koyoichi to assist in the establishment of two stores. He installed a teleportation pad in one of them for the easy transportation of supplies to them, much to the obliviousness of local residents. Due to his brief meeting with Xiarawst Uchiha, he memorized the man's signature for later recon purposes via the Telescope Technique. He'd then spend the following few months in deep meditation.

Awakening after a few months had elapsed, Yūmei used Rokusho Hōzuki as a test subject for studying his clan's liquefaction ability with the aid of Bishamonten and several other researchers. With the knowledge they had accumulated, Yūmei's body was modified to possess a similar effect.


Yūmei is a particularly cold individual, unhesitating in performing pure acts of violence, regardless of the extent in order to attain his goals. He continues to act in favor of the future regardless how catastrophic the sacrifices made in the present must surmount to, believing that everything can be bent to a favorable degree. Yūmei retains the genius-level intellect of his antithesis, rendering him a formidable foe, even when direct combat is out of the question.


Yūmei has long, black hair. He has piercing purple eyes with slits, a design akin to that of a dragon or a snake. He regularly sports a black coat ordained with pearl buttons and silver trimmings, and a cravat. He is usually seen accompanied by two dragon familiars - they're black, Eastern-fashioned dragons with black scales and dangerously pointy and sharp spines, capable of stretching their bodies great distances in order to protect Yūmei or devastate his opponents.


As an entity created with the intention of surpassing his antithesis, Yūmei is at a masterful level of all disciplines. The product of the successful unison between a human body, dragon DNA and Yliaster, he possesses considerably high strength, vitality, speed, durability and chakra, the latter of which is incredibly sinister, more so than the Godaime Hokage's.


Mangekyō Sharingan

His host, Nashley, once being an Uchiha, permitted Yūmei to utilize the man's Sharingan at will. The moment that his antithesis perished, Yūmei awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan, granted immediate access to his (antithesis') techniques. With Ijiri he can cancel any genjutsu imaginable within a certain distance of himself, which activates of its own volition whenever he's placed under the effect of one if he doesn't wear a special lens or eye-patch. With Amenotokotachi he can retain control over the Genesis Division members under it prior to his antithesis' death, as well as utilize it on the unsuspecting as a bonus. With Amenominakanushi Yūmei can maintain the barriers utilizing it, which have been operative even before his awakening, and use it to overwhelm foes in close proximities, placing them at a massive disadvantage the moment he activates it. Not yet having attained the Eternal form though, Yūmei prefers to activate the Sharingan only up to its three tomoe state in order to take full advantage of its incredible perception-augmenting prowess.


Ninjutsu, Senjutsu and Chakra Control

Implanted with a considerable amount of Yliaster and dragon DNA, as well as having lineage dating back to the acclaimed user of Wood Release, Yūmei has cataclysmic chakra reserves, although to even half-baked sensors, feels considerably sinister, tending to conceal his nature very poorly. His chakra control is remarkable, permitting him to remain completely in control of his subconsciousness, of which usually the deadly combination of Yliaster and foreign DNA would bring ruin to, as well as learn, and master Dragon Sage Mode. This state greatly amplifies his already monstrous chakra, causing him to emit a powerful pressure whenever under its influence, crushing the weaker-willed indiscriminately. Yūmei's ninjutsu, Sage Mode aside, is not quite as potent as his antithesis', however he still retains access to much of the flexible kekkei tōta, Power Release. Yūmei makes up for this in his considerably high proficiency in Sage Mode, granting him access to powerful branches of his already dangerous tōta, such as Sage Art: Monochrome and the innovative combination, Sage Art: Sephiroth. This renders him an extremely lethal threat especially when under its influence, of which he can prolong with the constant presence of his dragon familiars, capable of absorbing natural energy for him to later mould into senjutsu.

Taijutsu and Speed

The Yliaster and dragon DNA boosting his physical prowess to considerable heights, Yūmei is an extremely capable opponent in both ranged, and close-quarters combat. His speed is additionally bolstered, allowing him to keep up to pace with even the fastest of shinobi, more so when his Sharingan is active, with him capable of moving as black blurs across the battlefield and similarly, undetectable without a perception augmenter like the Sharingan. His physical strength is so great that it's considered greater than a dragon's, where he can completely decimate stone with a punch, and flurry through trees with little effort; this is truly the case whenever he's entered Sage Mode, in which escape proves the only logical measure for all those he seeks to purge.


A trait inherited from his antithesis, Yūmei is no stranger to playing host to an intellect worthy of making a worthy challenger of his antithesis.

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