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Yukigakure no Sato





Yukigakure no Sato

Literal English

Village Hidden Among Snow



Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

Village Data


[[Land of Snow]]


Yukigakure Symbol

Yukigakure (雪隠れの里, Yukigakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden Among Snow") is located in the Land of Snow. Its ninja apparently specialize in manipulating pre-existing ice, typically in the forms of various animals. The ninja from this village also make use of a number of sophisticated pieces of technology: First and foremost was the special "Chakra Armour", which protects the wearer from most attacks while amplifying the user's abilities. They also use of other devices, such as kunai firing volley guns, trains, airships and experimental devices, as well as some more exotic weaponry.

List of Yukikages

The Yukikage (風影; Literally meaning "Snow Shadow") are the leaders of Sunagakure. Feared and respected across the world, they are responsible for making Yukigakure a powerful and great village, despite its small size.

Yukikages in Shinobi Legends History

  1. Shodai: Haruto Shin
  2. Nidaime: Shuzetsu Uchiha
  3. Sandaime: Jonii Moonfeather
  4. Yondaime: Athos Raikon

Noted Locations

Outside the Village Walls

Kazahana Castle

Within the Village Walls

Market District

Other Disclosed Facilities

Hyozan Base

Prominent Clans/Organizations

Within the village there are many powerful and well respected clans as well as organizations.  Although a few of the prominent clans have started their origins in other villages, branches of those main clans reside here.


Branch of the Uzumaki Clan located within the village.




Recent Actions


Active Installations

Anti-Space-Time Barrier placed by Athos.


Soon to come.

Foes Faced in Battle

None to speak of.

In-Game Rules

These rules apply directly to those who [mainstream] role-play within Yukigakure:

  1. No foreigners are to auto-enter or exit Suna. Doing so will result in a warning, ask for said player to repost, and if they don't comply, they will be ignored.
  2. Only active members of Yuki may role-play Yuki NPCs.
  3. Abide by the decisions made by the higher ups within the village, even if you don't agree with them.
  4. If you have a problem with a decision made concerning you, or others, from Yuki Higher Ups, bring it to their attention directly. Don't let the hurt or disagreement go unsaid for 2 months, only to go rogue or do some action against the village. We can't help you if you don't speak to us about your problems.
  5. If you role-play within the village, you are subjected to the posts of others attempting to interact with you. If their post is fair and fit, and you fail to 'protect' yourself, or 'evade' the other player's attempt by your next post, they have the opportunity to legitimately auto-hit you, just like in the zone fights.
  6. NOTICE TO ATTACKERS ~ "If attacking the village you must wait for a reply before enacting your successful aggressions against this village. Any and all massive destruction posts against the village that are made without allowing defenders the opportunity to respond will be ignored."


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