Known Wielders

The Oil Release (油遁, Yuton) is a set of Hiden elemental techniques known to Isaribi Kimura that utilize the oils secreted naturally by his skin for offensive and defensive purposes. Isaribi is able to use the oil to produce defenses against certain elemental techniques, and he is also able to ignite the oils in order to increase the power of Fire Release techniques. Even when ignited, Isaribi maintains the ability to use the fluidity of the oils to his advantage, often causing a nice distraction in battle.

Relationship with other Natures

  • Oil Release has mixed relationships with each of the natures depending on how it is being used. It isn't conductive and allows a high level of defense against Lightning Release and is aquaphobic thus providing a certain level of defense against Water Release. When ignited by Fire Release it is able to increase the intensity of the flame and allow for more difficult extinguishing, but it is also weak against Fire Release since the oil acts as fuel. When ignited, the oil gains a weakness against Earth Release.
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