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Literal English

Demon-Cutting Sword

Viz manga

Demon-Slicing Blade


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Zantetsuken, God-Killing Spear, Suzumebachi, Akarui, Thunder Breaker, Jugan


  • Haishiro Enishi
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Zanmatō (斬魔刀, Demon-Cutting Sword) is as special high frequency blade that has the uncanny ability to cut through anything made of chakra, this also includes constructs made of chakra; if it has or is made of chakra then it can be cut with this blade.

Some bloodline limits are of no exception to the ability of this blade, for example: Lava Release techniques can be cut with this blade to make a path or otherwise avoid any deadly repercussions from that said technique had it not been cut down.

The only drawback that this sword has presented is that it doesn't abstain or refrain from cutting certain chakras, meaning that even the wielder himself can be hurt, if that wielder is not careful. This is one of the many reasons that the owner of this weapon refuses to bring it out unless the need to do require the expertise of this unbiased blade.


  • It is said that this blade was made from a special material that was so tricky to fool around with, that if Enishi wasn't part Hōzuki then it would've been a bloody mess due to rugged ore that had unnatural sharp edges.
  • Dust Release techniques are a special exception to this weapon, since molecular deconstruction is something that is far more advance to be cut down by a mere special blade.
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