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Iron-Cutting Sword


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  • Haishiro Enishi
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Enishi was hard at work to create a weapon specifically for countering those that are blessed with exceptional visual prowess.

Needless to say, the actual creation of this work of art was made completely by accident while Yonjimbo was busy trying to create a durable and strong material for the blade out of iron, copper and magnesium materials. In between the forging process, he accidentally spilled some mercury sulfate onto the blade; creating a slight discoloration of the blade that was fresh from the forging process.

The end result was that the chemical spill added an extremely toxic effect to an otherwise very durable and sharp blade, which would have some negative effects if someone were to be cut by the discolored blade.

The negative effects of the poison is listed below:

  • Sensory impairment (Vision, speech, hearing)
  • Disturbed sensation and lack of coordination
  • Lack of cognitive skill, personality fluctuations, and deterioration of the motor functions

Other abilities

The multiple ridges etched onto the blade also serve another purpose as well, the scabbard is made out of an iron material that acted as deadly blunt object and container for very deadly liquid alloy. The inside of the scabbard is laced with quicksilver; allowing the blade to be recoated in the deadly poison each time the blade is re-sheathe within its scabbard.

This allows for a continuous usage of the 'corrosive' debuff each time the blade is drawn and strikes any material that is known to cause an amalgam between two metallic alloys; corroding and turning the blade that touched that metallic material into rust.


  • Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Platinum are the only know metallic alloys that won't form an amalgam with the chemical and metallic alloys that is associated with the weapon.
  • The Tsuba is made out of iron, while the Tsuka is made out of copper, and is ordained with a specialized copper mesh grip.
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