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Nanashi Arashi
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Zapdos is the personal summon of Nanashi Arashi, hatched from a mysterious egg found in an underground cavern when the boy was young. Unsure of what to do with the egg, he decided to incubate it and see what if it would hatch. Several weeks passed with no signs of nearing maturity, but Nanashi persevered, nursing the egg like it was his own child.

Upon the 13th week, the egg finally hatched into the legendary thunderbird who's race was thought to be extinct centuries ago. Upon it’s first glance with Nanashi, it imprinted on him; seeing Nanashi as it's caretaker.

For the remainder of it’s days, it would stay close by Nanashi, usually taking the shape of a much smaller version of itself in order to perch upon his shoulders while traveling.

More to come.

Powers and Abilites

Primarily, Zapdos serves as a support type summon for Nanashi in the heat of battle. Being the only other known user of the Sound of Thunder technique, she is able to meld herself with him in a similar fashion to Samehada and it’s owner. In doing this she merges her chakra network with his, greatly amplifying his overall reserves, can gather Natural energy for him, aid in collaboration techniques, and can dispel genjutsu if need be.

While she is incredibly well versed in raiton techniques, her most utilized techniques are her medical ninjutsu. Merged with Nanashi or not, she is able to perform great medical feats without much effort. Her most prominent technique is the creation rebirth technique allowing for high speed regeneration as long as chakra is being supplied.    

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