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=== ===
|image name =Zikeus3.png; Full Attire
|unnamed character = No
|english = Zikeus Hōzuki
|kanji = ホズキジケウ
|romaji = Hōzuki Zikeus
|locations =
|birthdate = November 29
|gender = Male|age-part1 = 23
|height-part1 = 190 cm
|hair color = Silver
|blood type = AB
|alignment = Lawful Evil
|species = Human
|affiliationss =
|clan = Hōzuki Clan~Father's side, Uzumaki Clan~Mother's side
|origins = Kirigakure
|residences =
|Kekkei Genkai =
|rank-part1 = Jōnin
|ninja registration = 042715
|academy age = 12
|chunin age = 15
|jounin age = 18
|nature type = Water Release, Wind Release~Supplementary
|unique traits = [[Hydrification Technique | Body Hydrification Technique]], [ High Chakra Control] ([[Hōzuki]] lineage), [[Chakra | Large Chakra Pool]] ([[Uzumaki Clan |Uzumaki]] lineage}
|attire = Hōzuki Clan Robe, Azure Belt, Black Sandals, 3 Water Bottles
|tools = [[Explosive Tag]], [[Fūma Shuriken]], [[Kunai]],[[Shuriken]]
|classification = A-rank, Sensor|eye color = Purple|weapons = [[Kibōkiri]]|physical = Normal
|mental = Normal|activity = Travelling|Hōzuki Hiden Ninjutsu = [[Hydrification Technique]], [[Secret Technique: Liquid Assimilation Ritual]], [ Water Gun Technique], [[Water Release: Great Water Arm Technique]], [[Water Release: Multiple Arms Technique]]
|Taijutsu = [ Arhat Fist], [[Chakra Enhanced Strength]],[[Flying Swallow]]
|Genjutsu = [[Genjutsu Binding]], [ Sly Mind Affect Technique], [ Temple of Nirvana Technique]
|Kenjutsu = [ Iaidō]|Fūinjutsu = [ Chakra Draining Seal], [[Five Elements Seal]], [[Five Elements Unseal]], [[Generic Sealing Technique]]
|Water Release = [ Hiding in Mist Technique], [ Secret Technique: Mist Rain], [ Takigakure Style: Watercutting Sword], [ Water Clone Technique], [ Water Prison Technique], [ Water Release: Gunshot], [ Water Release: Hiding in Water Technique], [ Water Release: Starch Syrup Capturing Field], [ Water Release: Water Bowl], [ Water Release: Water Colliding Wave], [ Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique],
[ Water Release: Water Encampment Wall], [ Water Release: Water Severing Wave], [ Water Release: Water Trumpet], [ Water Release: Water Whip], [ Water Replacement]
|Wind Release = [ Wind Release: Air Bullets]
|General = [ Body Flicker Technique] {Water}, [ Body Replacement Technique], [[Chakra Sensing Technique]], [[Chakra Transfer Technique]],
[ Four Violet Flames Formation]
, [ Haze Clone Technique], [ Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique], [[Summoning Technique]], [[Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation]], [[Transformation Technique]], [ Transparent Escape Technique]
|Cursed Seal = [[Cursed Seal of Waves]]|contract = [[Crustacean]] (Contract Holder)
|summons = [[Mizura]]}}
Zikeus Hōzuki ''(ホズキジケウ, Hōzuki Zikeus)'' is a Jōnin-level shinobi originally hailing from the [[Kirigakure | Village Hidden in the Mist]]. He is a proficient Water Release user, and has inherited traits of the lineages of both the [[Hōzuki]] and [[Uzumaki Clan | Uzumaki]] Clans from his parents.
== Appearance ==
Zikeus looks a lot like his father, having inherited most traits usual for his clan. He is tall, slim built and agile, although his strength is still considerable, in large parts due to his use of the Hydrification Technique. His hair is shoulder length, spiky at places and white-silvery of color, and his eyes - purple. Both features are a common sight amongst the Hōzuki.
His attire consists of a long, white robe with azure linings and an azure belt, bearing his father's clan sigil at the back. Underneath the robe he wears a plain gray ''shōzoku'' and two pouches at the back side. Around his wrists there are two [ summoning bracelets] in one of which he stores his blade Kibōkiri, and in the other one multiple ninja tools ([ Shuriken], [ Kunai], [ Fūma Shuriken]).<br />When the weather is colder, or when visiting countries with a more unfriendly environment, he also wears a light gray cloak.
== Personality ==
Zikeus is a complex individual that most people find very hard to understand.<br />Probably due to his primary affinity for water, he is very flexible, capable of adapting to situations and new environments, be they social or natural ones, with relative ease. He is also very stubborn and resilient, never changing his position and beliefs, even if they are wrong.<br />Unlike his mother, and her clan, he does not possess their energetic and cheerful nature. Instead, he prefers to treat others in a cold manner and to keep mostly to himself.
Amongst other things, Zikeus is also a strong supporter of his father's clan, whose name he also carries.
== History ==
=== Early Years ===
=== Time at the Academy ===
=== The Beginnings of a Genin ===
=== The Challenge of a Chūnin ===
<span style="font-size:16px;">The Journeys of a Jōnin</span>
<span style="font-size:16px;">Realising the Illusion</span>
== Skills and Abillities ==
=== Life Force and Chakra Control ===
Despite having taken the appearance of his [[Hōzuki Clan | father's clan]], Zikeus also possesses the genetic material of [[Uzumaki Clan | his mother's clan]]. As a half-Uzumaki his chakra reserves, stamina and vitality are greatly enhanced, although still inferior to full-blood members of the clan. This resilient life forces brings with it a potential long life-span for him, as well as the abillity to recover from wounds slightly faster than what is considered normal.
Due to the training under his father, and later uncle, in using the Hōzuki's Hiden techniques, and because of their complex nature, Zikeus' chakra control is very well developed. This allows him to use minimum chakra to maximum effect when performing techniques.
=== Ninjutsu ===
==== General Techniques ====
Zikeus is a proficient user of ninjutsu, it being his preferred style of fighting. Although he mainly relies on techniques using nature transformation, like Water and Wind Release ones, he is still capable of performing a wide arsenal of general ninjutsu skills to good effect in combat.
==== Hiden Techniques ====
Due to his lineage as member of two clans profound with their Hiden techniques, and having travelled around the world learning, Zikeus' knowledge of hidden ninjutsu is considerable.<br />His biggest proficiency is in employing his [[Hōzuki Clan | father's clan's]] Hiden - the [[Hydrification Technique]] - and a variety of other techniques derived from it. These techniques would often be combined with either Water Release or Kenjutsu so as to use the former to the fullest and thus increase the effectiveness of the latter.<br />During his travels he learned a technique or two from people whose trust he has earned, such as a specific [ Water Release technique] from Takigakure.
==== Nature Transformation ====
: [[Water Release | <u>'''Water Release'''</u>]]
Hailing from the Hōzuki Clan, Water Release comes natural to Zikeus. It was discovered he had an affinity for that particular element at young age, so he had the chance to refine his Water techniques through the long training with his father. His mastery over this particular school of nature manipulation has increased to such a degree that he can transform his chakra into a moderate amount of water, allowing him to change the battlefield and have the upper hand even at areas without water, while not exhausting him too much.
: [[Wind Release | <u>'''Wind Release'''</u>]]
Zikeus' secondary chakra affinity is for the Wind Release. Despite preferring to mainly use his Water Release, seeing Wind Release as a weaker alternative only to be used in extreme situations, he still learned how to perform several Wind chakra based techniques. This chakra release, however serves only a supplementary purpose in his battle tactics.
=== Taijutsu ===
Although one of the less developed areas in his fighting style, Zikeus is nevertheless good enough practicioner of taijutsu. He often makes use of his abillity to liquify his body, allowing him more flexibility in taijutsu combat, combining it with his chosen style of taijutsu - the [ Arhat Fist]..<br />He also employs [[Water Release: Multiple Arms Technique | various]] [[Water Release: Great Water Arm Technique | techniques]] derived from his clan's Hiden, as well as [[Chakra Enhanced Strength | chakra-empowered attacks]], in order to increase the damage his strikes do.<br />
=== Genjutsu ===
=== Bukijutsu ===
=== Fūinjutsu ===
=== Juinjutsu ===

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