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Zirnitra is a top-tiered dragon and the leader of the Shiryū (四竜, Four Dragon Kings), contracted under Yūmei Luenah, serving to be one of his most powerful summons.


Zirnitra is a black-scaled dragon, though when light reflects off of them multiple colors are revealed, primarily purple and red. Overall, he bears a nightmarish appearance when in all environments, be he in the light where his multitude of colors deceive opposing parties as to his specialties, wherein darkness his piercing red eyes surpass those of the Uchiha in amoinosity (though not necessarily visual prowess).


Leader of the Shiryū, Zirnitra is ironically (in respects to his appearance) prideful in his abilities and position within Tenryūji's hierarchy. He acts upon the greater will of the dragons rather than his human benefactor, though retains a dignified levelheadedness when psychologically-cornered to choose between his utmost priorities between the two. Given circumstances dating over the past couple of years from the present, his encounters with humans had significantly increased, as did his interest in them and their benign, yet distorted nature. He only uses certain powers at certain times, preferring to remain outside of battle unless absolutely necessary.


As leader of his order, Zirnitra boasts a tremendous amount of power. A top-tiered dragon, his chakra reservoir is naturally enormous, and he has access to the standard roar and his own unique breath techniques. This breath technique of his is particularly unique, and in its somewhat sacred nature is considered a relic to utilize in any one situation, hence Zirnitra substitutes in battle for it one which damages solely living organisms, which while although doesn't demonstrate all of his power, keeps his presence on any battlefield incredibly threatening.


In Wendish mythology Zirnitra, or Zir, is a black Slavic dragon and the god of sorcery. The image of Zirnitra was employed on a Wendish flag when the Wends fought the invading Saxons. Zirnitra literally means magically empowered. Rosvodiz is a byname of Zirnitra.

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